Windows 7 Supported Games

5 March 2010 By Shashank


Windows 7 has now available mainstream and most of the games now work with the OS, however if you wish to play some old games and want to check the compatibility of games with Windows 7, whether they are supported by Windows 7 or not, for that I am compiling a reference list of Windows 7 supported games.

If you happen to have Windows 7 Ultimate Edition you can play most games by using Windows XP compatibility mode, anyway if you want to check game compatibility with Windows 7 refer the following list.

List of Windows 7 Supported Games

  1. Assassin’s Creed
  2. Assassin’s Creed 2
  3. Age of Empires: The Conquerors
  4. Age of Empires: Rise of Rome
  5. Age of Mythology: Rise of The Titans
  6. Age of Empires II: The Kings
  7. Age of Empires III (Both)
  8. Burnout Paradise
  9. BioShock
  10. Crysis
  11. Crysis: Warhead
  12. Call of Duty 4
  13. Call of Duty 5
  14. Counter Strike Source
  15. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
  16. Left 4 Dead
  17. Left 4 Dead 2
  18. Grand Theft Auto 4
  19. Galactic Civilization
  20. Galactic Civilization – Altarian Prophecy
  21. Galactic Civilization 2 – Dark Avatar
  22. Galactic Civilization 2 – Dread Lords
  23. Galactic Civilization 2 – Twilight Of The Armor
  24. Half Life 2
  25. Hacker Extreme
  26. Calll of Duty MW2
  27. Day Of Defeat: Source
  28. Prototype
  29. Garrys Mod 10
  30. Portal
  31. Warhead
  32. Team Fortress 2
  33. EVE Online
  34. Flight Simulator X
  35. Unreal Tournament 3
  36. F.E.A.R
  37. Call Of Duty 2
  38. America’s Army
  39. AudioSurf
  40. World Of Warcraft
  41. Fallout 3
  42. Mass Effect
  43. Mass Effect 2
  44. Mercenaries 2
  45. Red Alert 3
  46. Grid
  47. Dirt 2
  48. Far Cry 2
  49. Area 51
  50. Company of Heroes
  51. DeadSpace
  52. F.E.A.R – Combat Evolved
  53. Football Manager 2009
  54. Grand Prix 4
  55. Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas
  56. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City
  57. Halo: Combat Evolved
  58. Madden 2008
  59. NFS: Undercover
  60. Quake 3
  61. Splinter Cell – Choas Theory
  62. Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3
  63. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  64. Timeshift
  65. Highway Pursuit
  66. Warhammer Online
  67. Civilisation 3
  68. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
  69. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars (only on 32 bit)
  70. Dynasty Warriors 6
  71. Guitar Hero III
  72. Knights of The Old Republic
  73. Empire at War
  74. Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
  75. Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos
  76. Battlefield 2142
  77. Battlefield Vietnam
  78. Battlefield Bad Company 2
  79. Diablo I
  80. Diable II
  81. Doom 3
  82. Fable – The Lost Chapters
  83. Freetrack
  84. Gran Turismo Legends
  85. Gears of War
  86. Insurgency (Half Life Mod)
  87. Knight of the Old Republic II
  88. Medal Of Honor: Airborne
  89. Mirror’s Edge
  90. Prey
  91. Resident Evil 4
  92. Roller Coaster Tycoon I
  93. Roller Coaster Tycoon III Platinum
  94. Tribes 2
  95. rFactor
  96. Dawn of War
  97. Dawn of War 2
  98. Legendary
  99. Microsoft Train Simulator
  100. James Bond: Quantum Of Solace
  101. Worms Armageddon
  102. System Shock 2
  103. S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Shadow of Chernobyl
  104. Sins of a Solar Empire
  105. Starcraft
  106. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
  107. Testdrive Unlimited
  108. Lord of The Rings: Online
  109. Grand Theft Auto 2
  110. Rome: Total War
  111. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
  112. World In Conflict
  113. Deltaforce
  114. Deltaforce 2
  115. Deltaforce: Land Warrior
  116. Deltaforce: Task Force Dagger
  117. Deltaforce: Black Hawk Down
  118. Deltaforce: Team Sabre
  119. Deltaforce: Extreme
  120. Fifa 2009
  121. Flatout 2
  122. NFS:Pro Street
  123. Hitman: Blood Money
  124. Sim City 4: Deluxe Edition
  125. MVP Baseball 2005
  126. Company Of Heroes: Opposing forces
  127. Tiger Woods 08
  128. Age of Conan
  129. Prince Of Persia 2008
  130. X-Blades
  131. Max Payne 2
  132. DrakenSang
  133. Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
  134. Civilisation IV: Beyond the Sword
  135. Wanted: Weapons Of Fate
  136. Tsukihime
  137. Tribes 2
  138. The Wheelman
  139. The Ur-Quan Masters
  140. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Saga
  141. Star Wars Galaxies
  142. Spore
  143. Spaceport GE
  144. Soldier of Fortune
  145. Soldier of Fortune II
  146. SkullTag
  147. Silkroad Online
  148. Silent Hunter 4
  149. Serious Sam 2
  150. Sauerbraten/Cube 2 engine
  151. Postal 1
  152. Postal 2
  153. Postal 2 Apocalypse Weekend
  154. Postal 2 AWP
  155. Postal 2 Enternal Damnation
  156. Postal 2 STP
  157. Peggle Deluxe
  158. Oblivion v1.2.0.201
  159. Oblivion GOTY
  160. Neverwinter Nights 2 + Mask of the Betraye
  161. Necrovision
  162. Mount&Blade
  163. Bootfighter Windom
  164. Defense Grid: Awakening
  165. Drakensang
  166. Fate/Stay Night
  167. Final Drive Fury
  168. Final Fantasy XI
  169. Forces of Corruption
  170. FreeTrack
  171. Genesis Rising
  172. IL2 Sturmovik 1946
  173. Insurgency
  174. James Bond 007: Nightfire
  175. James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace
  176. Knight of the Old Republic II
  177. IL2 Sturmovik 1946 – Single player
  178. Hellgate London
  179. Joint Operations (including Expansion Pack)
  180. Lego Batman
  181. Lord of The Rings: Conquest
  182. NFS: Porsche unleashed
  183. Napoleon Total War
  184. Race 07
  185. Borderlands
  186. Star Wolves
  187. Supreme Commander 2
  188. Sauerbraten Cube 2 engine
  189. Spiderman: Web Of Shadows
  190. Wing Commander Privateer
  191. Carmageddon 1
  192. Carmageddon 2
  193. Dark Sector
  194. Dungeon Keeper
  195. Everquest 2 (Try disabling SLI)
  196. Fallout 1
  197. Fallout 2
  198. Grand Theft Auto 1
  199. GTR Evolution
  200. Lord Of The Rings Conquest 2
  201. Guild Wars
  202. Braid
  203. Crayon Physics
  204. Final Fantasy VII
  205. Myth 1
  206. Myth 2
  207. Quake Live
  208. Silver
  209. Stepmania Version 3.9
  210. Sword of the Stars
  211. Test Drive 2002
  212. The Settlers: Rise Of An Empire
  213. The Suffering
  214. Yo Frankie!
  215. Zeno Clash
  216. The Sims 3
  217. Halo 1
  218. RF Online
  219. Star wars Battle Front 2
  220. Gridrunner Revolution
  221. Just Cause 2

Original list of Windows 7 Compatible games by Pranjal is here, I updated the list with more games, Some games require some tweaking to make them work and some are totally incompatible with windows 7, if you come around such games, let us know in comments.

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Pc tricks says:

Very Nice Info.

brandon champion says:

X-CHANGE 3 is not compatible.

Laurence says:

Dawn of War isn’t compatible either.

vikram says:

guys i am not able to play just case 2 in my system, i think windows 7 is not supporting this game

Romio says:

Wheres the prince of persia series ? : (

Someone says:

Delta Force does not work

J says:

None of the postal games work on win7. This list is bogus!

aakeem says:

my SpiderMan Web of Shadows is totally incompatible with windows 7

shaun says:

I have bioshock, assassin creed II, they used to work well in xp but when I changed to win 7 they are not at all working. Furthermore I cannot seem to play call of duty 4 also. How come you put all those in this list???? BTW what does the following mean dude “you can play most games by using Windows XP compatibility mode” Thnx…………

ajnjadan says:

you can play almost all games in windows xp ultimate. just right click propertieson that games desktop icon and in compatibility tab check windows service pack 3. Thats all i can play almost all games in my dell optiplex 755 like prince of persia two thrones, mass effect 2,assassin creed II,Delta Force black hawk dawn, nfs carbon & most wanted, call of duty 4 modern war fare, hit man contracts demo etc………

aviator72 says:

Sorry to say Knights of the Old Republic 2 initially works but experiences the old Ebon Hawk crash bug. All patches and tweaks ineffective on Windows 7

christian says:

I wish “the guild” and “the movies” worked

Justin says:

Age of empires 3 is only compatible with one or more of the expansion packs don’t mater what one don’t no why but it works before expansion the I could get half way on a game and get a blue screen and my pc restarts.

Let me no if this helps

dadu says:

Help….can’t get the following to play on our windows 7 Home Premium OS:

Cossacks: “European Wars” (by CDV)
Cossacks: “Back to War” (by CDV)
Cossacks 2: “Battle for Europe” (by CDV)

Europa UniversalisRome Gold W/Vae Victis expansion

xkwaterhauz says:

hey. i played prototpe on windows 7 ultimate i got 2 windows xp and windows 7 in 1 GB RAM.

how about left 4 dead and assasin creed it will run on windows 7 ultimate with 1 GB RAM?

Alberto says:

I want to download red alert 2 yuri’s revenge on my pc who is window 7 ultimate, but i don’t know if it will works

ryan says:

just because it does work for you doesn’t mean it wont work for anyone else. windows 7 takes more ram then xp and games require ram. make sure your system doesn’t suck ass. and there are fixes for every game up there

Scott says:

You guys that couldn’t get the games to run on your Win 7 need to click right mouse on your game’s icon in desktop then click Run as Administrator. It should work that way. I had done the same with my NASCAR Thunder 2004 which was not on this list. It works fine on my Win 7.

bnice says:


Nice work on the list, but there isn´t the Cossacks series.
Do you no if there is any incompatible with windows 7?

Best regards,




gandalfo says:

WRONG!! DELTA FORCE–None of the DF games are compatible…complete worthless list!!

Bob says:

School Tycoon Doesnt work

mubeen says:

can u plz make cricket 2002 compatible for windows 7??? plz?

Roku Reviews says:

mine favorites are GTA , FIFA, Racing games and AOE

toxicspawn says:

Damn still trying to by pass port for df2 and dfbhd dfx1-2 almost had it working for df2 classic 1999
strange df1 work then stop no crash report,

Testing Compatible issue 7 ultimate 32

fiddling with core and acc rpc administrative so on, do not attempt to list my idea, unsafe could be cause Defect in system.


MG says:

None of Delta Force Games is compatible with Window 7 Home Premium. I can not run Window & in XP mode because it is not the professional edition. So all the Delta Force games I have do not work.

MG says:


zachery overfors says:

I tryied to get alot of games to work and most of them dont work. Some microsoft games dont even work no matter what you do. And with all the games out there there . Out of all the hundreds of games the compat list is very small for windows7. What happened to the companys that use to test there products like windows7 for a long periods. now all company’s do is barely test it and hope it works. We are in the age of sloppy were companys making half ass products for high prices.

Cosmic says:

Ahh…What the heck is this list. Spider Man – web of shadows is NOT AT ALL WORKING. TRIED EVERYTHING.

Pam says:

Monty’s Games for Windows will not install on Windows 7. They do work on XP. They also will not install wit DosBox or Virtual pc Can someone fix these games?

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