Know the Sleeping Time of your Friend

21 March 2010 By Ankit Duseja

 Sleeping Time

Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration has just launched a new twitter mashup, This application determines the sleeping time of any person having a twitter account. It works by analysing the tweet timings of the twitter account. No matter if the person is a celebrity or your friend, if he/she does have a twitter account this application works on him.This application may not be so perfect as some people use automatic tweeting services such as twitterfeed, etc. which keeps tweeting for them even when the person is asleep. But on a rough calculation basis, this application generated quite surprising and relevant results during my hands-on, however this application will not work if the person has protected their tweets. This is very new and good concept but we have no idea how the crime men will make use of such applications. There has been already some issues of crime, where bad guys determined the house was empty using there Facebook and Twitter accounts to make their way comfortable for the robbery.

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