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3 March 2010 By Shashank

Download Latest Skype - Techlivez 

Skype is the popular voice chatting, messenger software that enables you to chat, video chat with your buddies via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), the current latest version of Skype is Skype, this version improves video quality in low bandwidth conditions and numerous other bug fixes.

New Features in Skype 4.2

In addition to the features in previous versions, the notable new features added in Skype 4.2 are :

  • Improved first time user Setup Flow
  • Call Quality Indicator
  • Call Transfer
  • Skype Access Beta – using Skype Credit for WiFi internet connection in public hotspots
  • Client Alerts
  • Improved Contact Importers
  • Read the full Feature Set and Release Notes Here

Download Skype 4.2 for Windows 7, XP and Vista

Direct Download Link for Skype 4.2 (Official Skype)

Filename: SkypeSetupFull.exe | Size: 21.9 MB | Offline Installer

Skype 4.2 Download Link  (Official Skype)

Filename: SkypeSetup.exe | Size: 1.6 MB | Online Installer

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nadeem says:

thanks to meet this site

syed asif says:

we need skype windows 7 free dounload

Ajit says:

Thank you very much
in our site the internet speed is vey slow and it’s diffcult to installed online once time very very thank you

nawang says:

We like to join skype because it is very easy to contack people all around the world

wilfredo t. cruz says:

we want to apply for skype

wilfredo t. cruz says:

i want to apply because it is very easy to contact other people

kinray says:

why skype cannot run my windows 7 OS i need some help!

jason ferrer says:

i want to install the skype! HOW TO INSTALL THIS.

Jerome Acabal says:

to keep in touch with my love ones and friends

lucien leger says:

je veux être connecté a skype

Meckland says:

I have an acer notebook with windows 7. I want to install Skype 4.2 as you recommended but I have failed as the message comes and say:

“Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloded”
So what can I do so that to have your skype services?

Shashank says:


In your IE, Click on tools -> Internet options -> Security -> Custom level -> scroll down for “Downloads” and enable File Download.

ADR says:


elixer says:

I too searched for offline downloader for my Windows7 Home Premium. But always got hang up with online installer. thanks for sharing this link.

Jasmin says:

its very beneficial for us… We can talk our all frineds & Relative…..
Once again thanks….

Marvzk| says:

Hello there… thankz for the offline installer 🙂

Anoying Orange says:

I’ll try it.

a.o.a i want to instal skype bucause its realy easy to convay msgs and information to other.plz help me for the download the skype.because i have argent meting with my czn and my dads frnd in uk,suadia.i relay wana installl it .guid m plxxx thanks

ram says:

Mohsan, what is stopping you?, just click on the download link, offline installer and install it on your pc, login and start chatting.

Manb says:

hey guys, i want some friends, Plz add me. My user id is ManabGrylls


thanks for the latest version of skype

pinty says:

skype is good

williams says:

skype has disapeared from my computer! have tried everything but cannot get it back. What’s going on? Need some help please.

monte pino 27 maggio 2011 ore 09:00 says:

SKYPE è sparito dal mio computer! cosa bisogna fare per riaverlo?
grazie per la vostra comprenzione.


I love skype

jomel reyes says:


I am having trouble adding contacts on my skype account. i removed the latest version coz i am having the same trouble and downloaded the one on your page. Why am i still getting the same issue: No internet connection.

What seems to be the problem?


baji says:


I have installed skype in my computer and when calling (video or audio), I am getting the screen having 2 options like – select ur credit or pounds. Please let me know how to run skype for free on windows 7 ?

Sysadmin says:

Thank you for providing this direct link to skype exe-file! Damn microsoft’s site gives me that nag form to fill – but I don’t need to register, I already have an skype account.

bobclan says:

Thanks for putting the direct download link for the install to I hate how they make you sign in before downloading the software.

asif kashi says:

am asif kashi in pakistan

asif bazmi says:

any body sent me skype setup

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