PS3 Hacked By GeoHot [PS3 Hacking]

23 January 2010 By Shashank

Geohot tweeted today claiming that he has hacked the Playstation 3, in his latest blog entry he mentioned that the PS3 hardware is now hacked, how?  He has gained READ/WRITE access to entire system memory of PS3, he also got HV level access to the processor of PS3 and all he has do now is write software for it and do some reversing.


He is not revealing details of his exploit as of now, as Sony might patch this with new firmware making it more difficult.

Geohot is already famous for his work on Jailbreak of iPhone and iPod Touch, currently he is working on Hacking PS3 which has remain almost unhackable until now.

Via GeoHot

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henry says:

Geohot PS3 is the future of PS3 hacks.

Good job haha.
not so fun haha but pro.

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