How to Track Static Sites Easily

13 October 2009 By Ankit Duseja

Really Simple Syndication Or RSS has changed the way how we access information today. They can be synchronized to desktop applications or even your smart phones. In the world of Web 2.0, most of the sites provide Feed of their streams but still there are some static sites which lack the feeding functionality, or even if they are dynamic they still don’t offer RSS feeds for purpose.

Page2RSS provides a very simple interface to track static or non-feed pages. All you have to do is just visit and enter the url of the page you wish to track. If the page is already monitored if some other user has already entered the same then it will show you result for past changes else a new feed will be created and is updated daily with the changes in that page.

How to use the feed?

Now what all can you do with this feed? Either go and track straight to your mobile via FREE SMS using Google SMS Channels or just add it to your feed reader. has also signed a deal with Page2RSS and offer you a very simple way to track any page. Just add as your friend in Gtalk or Gmail and send the link to the bot as IM message. It will automatically update you back each time when there is change in page via IM message. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Where can you use it?

Well there are countless number of uses for this. You can track your shipment, even if the shipper site does not provide an RSS or you can track your university website for when your result is on air. Here is an example feed generated for Google which shows the various occasional doodle changes on the main page of Google. Its usability is limited by your imagination!

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Blogsolute says:

Good one Ankit, Thanks for pointing out various other uses of RSS

Jason says:

Nice tip. I’ve also been using Feedity – to create RSS feeds for webpages and track changes in real-time. It’s been working great so far.

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