Beyond Hi-Definition: ATI Eyefinity Technology with Eye Definition

11 September 2009 By Shashank

ATI-Eyefinity with GRID

ATI has recently launched its newer DirectX 11 graphics card with Eyefinity technology having massive resolutions that you might have not even dreamt of until now. ATI presents the "Evergreen" GPU based on the 40nm manufacturing technology capable of delivering 11,520 x 4,800 – 55.3 megapixels on 24 screens with four cards using crossfire in a single PC, that is one hell of a resolution, a single Evergreen card can power upto six screens at any given time, you can use them as a large single display or make them to act as different units like your very own control room using the ATI control center. NVIDIA for sure have a lot of catching up to do now.


AMD Eyefinity

Img: Hwupgrade

This is how the upcoming Evergreen 5870 cards will look like

Ati Evergreen card pic

ATI Eyefinity will be launching soon, early Evergreen DirectX 11 cards will have support for 3 screens, later builds will include support for 6 screens and crossfire too. More coverage of the technology at links below each images.

24 screens showing resolution of 11,520 x 4,800 – 55.3 megapixels with four Evergreen cards using crossfire in a single PC


via: Hothardware



Six screens via single Evergreen DirectX 11 card using 6 DisplayPorts


via: Legitreviews 

Eyefinity YouTube video

More at AMD Blog

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SWEET!!! :mrgreen:

Now just get of all the interior black borders and we’ll be all set 😉

Bettie says:

I was thinking the same thing, about getting rid of the black borders and it would look sweet. It looks nice as is, but when looking at the game as a whole with one too many borders it just looks well not so appealing to some.

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