Replace Windows Calculator with New Command Line Calculator

20 May 2009 By Rakshit

If you are fed up of default windows calculator, it’s time to try something new, something more advanced that can make your daily mathematical calculations a lot easier. We all know that the default windows calculator can only perform few basic functions like add, sub, multiply etc. It has got few limited features and can only be used for day to day simple calculations.

Recently I found one unique application called Command Line Calculator and I was just amazed when I first read about it. As the name suggests, this application does not have user interface, it’s more like a command line utility. But still it’s very powerful application that can perform various functionalities. What is so special about this application is that calculations are entered on command line and as soon as you press enter, result gets displayed. It can save your calculations so that if you need in future you can get it easily.

The application can handle both simple and advanced calculations and more than it supports Expression Calculation, Plotting Graphs, Variables, User Defined Functions, Bitwise Calculations etc.

Few key features are:-

  • Expression calculation, unlimited length
  • Plotting graphs
  • Variables can be used
  • User can define own functions
  • Saving and opening previous calculations
  • Temporary file and history list
  • Date calculation
  • Following numbers are supported: decimal, hex, octal and binary
  • Bitwise operations are supported
  • 60 in build functions available

Download it from HERE.

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Go Doodads says:

This is cool! Much better than Windows Calculator, It looks like a notepad but its function is the same as scientific calculator! COOL! 😀

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