Keyboard Tweaker transforms Normal Keyboard into Multimedia Keyboard

12 May 2009 By Rakshit


If you want to transform your normal keyboard with 101/102 keys into a multimedia keyboard, Keyboard Tweaker is just the right application for you. Basically, it is a Hotkeys manager i.e. with the help of certain sets of keyboard keys combinations you can perform various functions. Those functions can be changing speaker volume up/down, opening calculator, paint, solitaire, notepad or any other executables files located on the hard drive. Not only this, you can also open your email clients, access any websites, local paths or hide/show any particular application.

Its interface is very easy to understand and you can easily configure the keys combination according to your liking. Combinations can be made by combining Alt, Control, Shift and any other keyboard key. For example, if you want to open Google Search, you can set a shortcut to Alt+Ctrl+G.

Few key features are:-

  • Icon attachment for every keys combination.
  • Skinable interface.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Minimize to System tray.
  • Master speaker volume adjustment.
  • Supports Windows 9x, Me, 2k, XP, Vista.
  • Consumes minimal system resources.
  • Above all, it’s FREE to use.

Download it from HERE.

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