Download XdN Tweaker to Tweak Windows 7

8 May 2009 By Rakshit


Although Windows 7 is too easy to customize almost everything still there is always scope for improvement. So finally I found tweaking software for this latest version of Windows. XdN Tweaker is a free tweaking application for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 as well.

Before you start using this program, you should have Administrative rights. Now from Windows UAC (User Access Control) to Windown 7 Interface, you can tweak anything without any fuss. It has really got some useful tweaks and they are worth trying. xdn_tweaker

Few key features are:-

  • Mouse Hover Delay control for Windows 7 (for use with Aero Peek).
  • Enable/ Disable Windows arrangement features like Aero Shake.
  • Add/Remove “Take Ownership” to right-click menus.
  • Turn off the annoying full screen “black” UAC prompt.
  • Disable drag from maximize.
  • Changes the number of Folder views Windows saves.
  • Resets the folder views Windows has saved.
  • Disable/Enable the “- Shortcut” text.
  • Above all, it’s totally FREE to use.

Download it from HERE.

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