Completely Remove Security Applications in Windows 7

8 May 2009 By Rakshit


Few weeks back, we have talked about various antivirus’ removal tools but the problem is that they are antivirus dependent. NOD 32 antivirus removal tool will not work for McAfee or McAfee removal tool does not support Norton. So here I am going to discuss about one single application for un-installation purpose that can take care of almost all well known security applications.

AppRemover is a free and portable security applications removal tool. It enables you to completely uninstall security applications like antivirus and antispyware from your computer. It supports almost all major security applications like Norton, McAfee, AVG etc. and more than that it is extremely easy to use. You just need to double click the AppRemover.exe and it will automatically search and list all possible security products installed on your system. Now it is up to you to uninstall all or only the selected ones.

AppRemover comes in handy when you are switching between two security suite or when you have forgotten the password of already installed application. As I said earlier, it supports most of the Antivirus and Antispyware products. Also, it supports all the version of Microsoft Windows including Windows 7.

Download it from HERE.

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