Download M File Anti-Copy to Protect Your Files Against Copy, Delete and Rename

11 April 2009 By Rakshit

M File Anti-Copy

Well, the topic of this article says it all. How will you protect your important and personal files from possible theft? Apparently there are many things in life which we don’t want to share with anybody – be it a childhood secret or a small word file in your computer system that holds all your secrets (I am assuming that you believe in writing personal diary like me). But whatever the reason may be, everyone has in one way or other something personal in their computer which certainly is not intended to be shared among others. If you have installed any file lock utility and you believe that your (so..) personal files are safe and secure, I must say THINK AGAIN.

Those files can be copied, renamed and if you a bit unlucky, someone can possibly delete them as well. So coming to the main thing, how will your protect it?

M File Anti-Copy is just the right application for you if you are so much inclined towards the safety of your personal files. It helps you lock your files so that they cannot be copied, they cannot be renamed and the best part they cannot be deleted as well. It will just disable all these things. After you have installed M File Anti-Copy, at the first launch it will ask for the password and also the password hint. From there on, you have to provide the same password to activate and deactivate the protection.

The best part is even for uninstalling the password is required.

Few key features of M File Anti-Copy are:

  • Really easy to use UI.
  • Light in weight.
  • Tones of inbuilt features.
  • Also comes with inbuilt FileCopy and FileMove through which even though the application is in active state you can copy or move files using those two inbuilt options.

Just download the application from HERE and explore the many great features of M File Anti-Copy.

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