Download Aerobar To Show Titles in Windows 7 Explorer Bar

4 April 2009 By Rakshit

Microsoft every now and then comes up with few strange things difficult to understand by many. One of those “strange things” is Explorer Title’s bar made empty in Vista and now in Windows 7 as well. In Windows XP, Explorer Bar always shows window titles. For example, when you open My Computer, Explorer should show title as “My Computer” but this feature was not there in Vista and now in Windows 7 too Explorer is left as blank.
Explorer bar in XP

Aerobar helps you to get around this problem. Aerobar is a simple and easy to use freeware utility through which you can view title in Explorer’s titles bars when it is Active. It works both in Vista and Windows 7 as well.

How to use Aerobar?

  • Download the executable file from HERE.
  • If you want only Titles in Explorer – Place the file AeroBar.exe in your StartUp folder and reboot.
  • If you want Titles only without icon’s space – Rename the file AeroBar.exe to AeroBarNoIco.exe and then place it in your StartUp folder and reboot.
  • If you want Titles + Icons – Rename the file AeroBar.exe to AeroBarIco.exe and again follow the same steps.

If in case you don’t like Aerobar and don’t want to use it anymore, you can uninstall the utility by removing it from StartUp folder and restarting your PC.

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