windows-vienna-7-logo We have already seen how Windows 7 is lot different from earlier version of Windows. Many say it’s an improved form of Vista while others believe it’s the best ever Microsoft’s Windows product. Whatever the case may be we will prefer not to go deep into it instead provide some valuable tips and tricks as far as Windows 7 usability is concerned. Continue Reading →

windows-7 Earlier we have talked a lot about Windows 7 tips and tricks. We have written about 2 awesome Windows 7 themes, few hidden themes in Windows 7 and about Windows 7 UI Logon Background as well. Also, if you want to enhance your productivity and give your Windows 7 desktop a 3D view, BumpTop is just an excellent tool to have in your armory. Continue Reading →


I always wanted to resume and pause the copying of files in Windows like we do when we download any files from Internet. If we are copying large files and folders from one location to another, it certainly takes a bit of time especially if you are copying them to some external storage device. Continue Reading →


If you want to know about each and every component of your computer, WinAudit can do it for you and that too without any special knowledge on how to use it. WinAudit is an easy to use application and even a newbie can use it without any fuss. Continue Reading →


If you have a mobile phone with extended memory and a good battery backup then that’s for sure you are not going to use it just like any other cell phone. It will be used as a music player and if you are a movie freak like me you can even watch movie on your mobile phone anytime when you’re free. Almost all mobile phones support video files of 3gp format and if you have DVDs of many good movies, you can easily convert them to 3gp format. Continue Reading →


Everybody wants to have certain level of privacy when they are doing some important and personal work. But that level of privacy may not be achieved when someone suddenly knock up the door and enter your room without permission. Or, there are times when at work you do all sorts of things, except work and suddenly you get caught by your boss. So there are times when you want to hide all your windows application so that no one else can see what you are actually doing. Continue Reading →


Whenever we want to explore new softwares the best way is to browse through websites (like latest softwares directories. We refine our search by selecting appropriate categories and license criteria. But this has become an age old process. Let’s try something new. Continue Reading →

DreamRender2 DreamRender1

Well, these days I am really into making your desktop experience a lot better with a bit of fun as well. Earlier I talked about BumpTop – 3D virtual desktop and today let’s learn how to animate your windows desktop wallpapers. Continue Reading →

PaintNet Logo

Yesterday while searching for alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, I came across this great little utility for Windows. If you ever wish to think beyond vast universe of Photoshop, Paint.Net is just the right application for you. I have described it as a “great little” utility. Why? Towards the end of this article you will get your answer. Continue Reading →


If you are into blogging then I suppose you must have fallen in love with Windows Live Writer by now. It’s so simple to use yet very effective. I started using Windows Live Writer a bit late because of some crap error which I was getting during installation in my laptop. It took ages to resolve that error but believe me after that my life has changed completely as far as publishing articles are concerned. IT’S JUST SO EASY TO USE. Continue Reading →

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