Yauba: The New Indian Search Engine with Privacy Protect

19 March 2009 By Rakshit

  Yauba: Indian Search Engine
When we talk about World Wide Web (popularly known as WWW) search, the first thing comes in our mind is GOOGLE. In fact, whenever we think about searching Internet, Google Search is the first thing we look upon. For past few years, many search engines had been launched but none are as popular as Google Search. Now comes  YAUBA  a new experimental, Indian search engine with some special features, main one being protecting privacy of users.

The 3 things that are so special about Yauba are:

  1. The World’s First Privacy Safe Search Engine – Yauba does not keep any personally identifiable information. It allows users to search internet keeping their privacy and anonymity intact. It is safe from cookies, safe from recording private information and safe from transferring your personal information to third party websites.
  2. Search Intelligently – Get information based on the context. In their own words, Yauba can actually “understand” the difference between concepts such as Java the island, Java the coffee and Java the programming language (and much more).
  3. Search Effortlessly – If you know how to click a mouse, you will become an expert in Internet search. How? Yauba has the option to categorize your search into 12 different directions. Be it Internet sites, be it News sites, be it Blogs etc., Yauba is there for you.

Yauba is still in beta stage or early beta/late alpha as they call it and is launched in collaboration with Indian Institutes of Technology, University of Delhi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and the University of California at Berkeley. After 25 years of research, its been launched and as a result it will stay for a long long time to compete with Google.

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They have a very good alexa rank even in beta mode, still they have monetized by google adsense, thats strange.

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