iPod Touch 2G Untethered Jailbreak Tutorial for Windows XP and Windows Vista

12 March 2009 By Shashank

Untethered jailbreak ipod touch 2g GUI software

24kpwn patch for Untethered Jailbreak for iPod Touch 2G is now available which I talked about yesterday, now I am bringing you another tutorial for the full Untethered Jailbreak of your iPod Touch 2G. This time I will be using the GUI Untethered Jailbreak software named Quickfreedom. This is easiest method for the Untethered Jailbreak of iPod Touch 2G, If you have used my previous tethered jailbreak tutorial then it can work upon that so you don’t have to restore to original firmware. As I am writing this my iPod Touch is being restored to custom firmware, and this GUI Untethered Jailbreak software is incredibly easy to use even for beginners.


How to Untethered Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G: Step by Step tutorial


Pre Requirements for Untethered Jailbreak of iPod Touch 2G

  • Free Download Jailbreaking tool QuickFreedom, 11.1 MB setup, Install it.
  • LibUSB
  • Original 2.2.1 firmware
  • If you used  my previous tutorial then you already fulfill all requirements.
  • Also keep iTunes open but ignore it most of the time, you only need iTunes to restore the custom firmware from desktop


I am writing this tutorial for Windows XP 32 Bit, Windows Vista 32 bit. Developer claims that it may work on 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 too.

Mac users can use this software using VMware if iTunes is installed on that partition.


Install LibUSB and download original 2.2.1 firmware if you don’t have it.

   Untethered jailbreak ipod touch 2g


If you want to use installer and Custom Boot Logo then tick on both and click Create Firmware, Cydia will be included by default.

create custom firmware


Untethered jailbreak ipod touch 2g steps

the firmware file will be saved on desktop with name

Custom Firmware.ipsw


DFU Mode one last time:

Yes you have to put your iPod Touch into DFU mode by pressing the power and home button simultaneously for 10 seconds, leave the power button and keep holding the home button for 8-10 more seconds, hear dding sound, leave the home button.

click on Start Pre-Jailbreak -> White Screen

Note: Just try again if you don’t get DFU mode right for the first time, I got it right in my second try.

GUI Untethered jailbreak ipod touch 2g


Untethered jailbreak ipod touch 2g step2


The iPod is having white screen now restore the custom firmware from iTunes, keep pressing shift and click on Restore button in iTunes, browse to desktop for file Custom Firmware.ipsw, select it and wait for restoring.

Restore custom firmware IPSW

This  message will pop up:

Your iPod has been restored to factory settings….

and you are done, let your iPod Touch reboot/start automatically, it will take a few seconds.

GUI Untethered jailbreak ipod touch 2g-finish

You can now set this up as a new iPod or restore from backup of previous iPod, I did the restore and it is working great.

restoring iPod Touch 2g

Send bug reports and problems to dan[@]ipod2g.info, Credits: Dan, Musclenerd, Chronic and Hybird team, and everyone associated with Redsn0w.

Enjoy your Untethered Jailbroken iPod Touch 2G.

With Untethered Jailbreak:

  • You don’t need a computer to reboot your device, no dead screens
  • You don’t need to go to DFU mode and apply patches as in tethered jailbreak
  • You don’t need any boot tools or software to reboot your iPod Touch
  • It will be as good as non-jailbroken iPod Touch but with all the jailbroken functionality like you can change themes, icons, add third party applications etc

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123123 says:

excuse me, but if it is tethered, do i still need to make the custom firm ware, or direct to step 3?

Ian says:

Amazing. AWESOME program thanks soo much. Just what I needed. My iTouch is resotring Custom Firmware in iTunes as I post this.


Jailbroken ipod touch 2g says:


i Really appreciate the way you taught us how to jailbreak ipod touch 2g but now i HOPE that iphone dev team or chronic dev would make a quickpwn and we can also change boot logos without rejailbreaking the ipod touch. :mrgreen: πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ™‚

Shashank says:


Yes, you still have to make custom firmware because previously the custom firware was patched for tethered jailbreak now we will be making custom firmware with untethered jailbreak patch.

Great, enjoy your jailbroken iPod Touch.

@Jailbroken iPod Touch 2G ( you should’ve posted your name) πŸ™‚

As the iPod Touch 2G is now fully jailbreaked with untethered release, they will soon come out with a method to change or apply custom boot logos without rejailbreaking.

Please do not try this jailbreaking software with Windows Vista 64 bit, you might mess up your USB drivers.

Jailbroken ipod touch 2g says:


They should make logo me from cydia work on 2.2.1 2g itouch too and they should also make quickpwn work for itouch 2g. THAnks.

Tom says:

This is great πŸ™‚ Just finished the tutorial.

Greg says:

why when i try to restore the firmwire it gives me an error then

Reply for greg says:

Dear greg,

THis happened to me and its just the first restore and i tryed the second time and it worked and if it didnt work with u put the ipod in dfu mode and pre-jailbreak again until a message pups and says now restore with itunes.

Pat says:

@Greg, try using one of the preconfigured boot images. I tried that and it worked.

Greg says:

πŸ˜₯ its not working for me my ipod goes back it Recovery Mode after the message saying restore with custom firmware pops up is that normal or is it supposed to stay in DFU Mode?

kevin says:

i clicked start pre-jailbreak and got the white screen.
however, my touch doesn’t appear in itunes anymore so i can’t restore it. i do hear the dding sound if i removed the usb cable, but it doesnt seem to be detecting it.

Angelo says:

Will this have any chance to break my ipod?

NOA_KB says:

My screen is black, it won’t turn on, and itunes won’t acknowledge that it’s there. What should I do?

NOA_KB says:

Also, it won’t go into DFU mode!

MG3 says:

Thanks, this is an amazing program. It worked amazingly well!! It’s great I was skeptical after trying other things, but this is great! Trust me use this program for any1 reading this, and is thinking, “i dont know, it looks dangerous.” It works flawlessly, just download and install quickfreedom, and it tells u the rest!! Very straightforward and easy to use. Thanks again!

Lazyman says:

I cannot download quickfreedom, everytime i go into the webpage it says “This Account Has Been Suspended”, is ther any other links where i can download quickfreedom?

thong says:

NOA_KB, just finished mine (10 tires??) foloow the steps when you hold the home and power button , the apple should appear (well mine did) after it DISAPPEAR REALESE THE HOME BUTTON, thne 10secs later release the power button,
hope it helps!

thanks for the great tut!

sam says:

This will allow the ipod touch to purchase paid apps for free?

beers says:

i keep clicking to install the libusb and when it finishes it keeps saying it is still uninstalled. what do i do, please help im dying for this

sabrina says:

this is a good one

MaX says:

i cant get LibUSB to work bcuz i got Windows 64-bit, and when i try on my desktop (Windows XP) LibUSB doesnt register and wont show up
wat shud i do? πŸ™

bde says:

I tried to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g using QuickFreedom without success using my WinXP system. When I started I had firmware version 2.2 on the ipod Touch. Do you think I might have bricked my ipod Touch by not having version 2.2.1 of firmware on it at the start before starting the jailbreak?

The method I followed was (1) downloaded QF, and firmware 2.2.1 (2) installed QF, (3) ran QF and from within QF installed LIBUSB, (4) rebooted computer to start libUSB service, (5) selected firmware 2.2.1 that I downloaded above, (6) created custom firmware, (7) went into DFU mode, (8) saw the message stream that jailbreak was successful, (9) iTune started, and got the dialog box message asking for firmware restoration, (10) +clicked to find Custom Firmware that was created, (11) found custom logo on ipod Touch that I chose, (12) after a little more than a minute the custom logo disappeared, and original Apple logo appeared, (13) kept getting repeated message that restore was unsuccessful.

Now the ipod always boots up in DFU mode showing iTunes logo with USB graphics pointing to it after pushing power buttom for a long time. At this point iTunes asked for restoring original firmware, automatically downloaded firmware update from Apple server, and unsuccessfully tried restoring it. Repeated attempts to restore has failed. Is there a hope to recover from this?

ReVolt says:

Just restart QuickFreedom.

As Shashank said before: Please do not try this jailbreaking software with Windows Vista 64 bit, you might mess up your USB drivers.

I dont have any idea lol.

Mine is working smooth =),ty for the tutorial

bde says:

@Revolt, Thanks.

To All: My iPod Touch did not brick. I was able to recover my unbootable ipod by creating a new user account on windows xp to make a fresh start, putting ipod in DFU mode, and recovering with updated iTunes version 8.1 and downloaded 2.2.1 firmware I mentioned earlier. iTunes program was running for the whole time. After restoring with 2.2.1 firmware, I as able to Jailbreak with updated QF 1.1.1 software.

Correctly putting in DFU mode is important: while connected to USB, push HOME buttom for 5 seconds, HOME+POWER button for about 12 seconds, followed by HOME only for about 15 seconds. Finger from HOME button never leaves until the end. The screen is blank and black at this stage, and the USB port is connected which is confirmed by characteristic USB connection sound, as well as iTune prompting for recovery.

For recovery, used SHIFT+MOUSE LEFT CLICK on recover button, and chose the downloaded 2.2.1 version of firmware. As soon as recovery started, the ipod screen lighted up, the progress bar on ipod showed continued progress. At the end, the ipod was recovered to factory setting with 2.2.1 firmware.

In the next step, the JB with QF 1.1.1 went smoothly. Thanks for the great tutorial. I now know why people say that it is very hard to break iPod.


AppleItouchReviews says:

Everyone I posted a youtube video on how to do this same thing! Super easy and crystal clear! link below!


amy says:

OMG THANKU THANKU THANKU!!! this is heaps easier to use then the other tutorial and worked PERFECTLY on my fisrt go!!! THANKS 1!

UdiT says:

WOW!!!…….thats very cool!!!

Blackbird says:

Well you guys, The main problem me and some other guys are having is that Windows doesn’t recognize the Ipod in DFU mode (I have Windows Xp, shouldn’t be a problem), which makes it impossible for me to start the pre-jailbreak. And when I look into the complaints of other people, it seems they get errors on Itunes for exactly the same reasons, even tho they have ”succesfully” pre-jailbreaked it.
Any other suggestions how to get Bill f**king Gates his OS working with the always competing Apple? >

ss says:

wat is this jailbreak

perknot says:

what do i need to do after jailbreaking my ipod touch . . . i have read that i needed to install an application from apple before i could install third party application, the problem is, i dont have a credit card to apply for the service . . is there any other way i could put third party application in my ipod touch?

madhav says:

well… at the bottom left where its mentioned ” iPod connected in normal/DFU mode”,,,, mine says “iPod not connected!” even though ive connected it to my laptop with my itunes on! (itunes shows its connected) πŸ™


Blackbird says:

well ok you guys listen up I solved my problem this morning. Try this if you did put your Ipod in DFU mode, quickfreedom says it is not connected to your pc, and your pc is giving you troubles by saying the device is unrecognizable. When this message appears, leave the Ipod in DFU mode and leave it plugged in on the Ipod side. On the USB-SIDE (where the Ipod-computer cable is connected to your USB port) take it out and put it back in again. If it’s right, your computer will start installing a driver for the DFU mode of your Ipod! πŸ˜€
well at least it worked for me πŸ˜‰ Good luck πŸ™‚

iJustPwned says:

Thank you sooooo much i had pent hours downloading different programs to jailbreak my itouch 2g!!! quickFreedom is the best i hav found!! btw i got into DFU in my first try!! hahah!! thank you so much πŸ˜€

Myself says:

Thanks ! It works great !

Confused says:

I have one problem! My ipod touch says its firmware version is 2.2.1 but Quickfreedom says it can’t find it.

What is wrong?

Shashank says:

Download the 2.2.1 firmware file and select BROWSE in step 1, If your iPod Touch comes preloaded with 2.2.1 then i think you have to download it again.

we need the firmware 2.2.1 so that the quickfreedom can patch it to make custom firmware.

Reply on Shashank (FROM IMAD) says:

Ok when i started to jailbreak my ipod touch it was running on firmware 2.2.1 BUT u need to download it again on ur desktop and open quickfreedom and if quickfreedom didnt find it then press browse and click on it AND if it didnt appear in the browse windows then go to ur firmware on desktop the one u downloaded and right click and click on rename and dont change the name only copy the name of the firmware and then open quickfredom and then paste the name in the file name next to open button and then press open it well start copying the firmware and be patient until its done and then start jailbreaking the ipod touch and have a great day with ur jailbroken ipod touch 2g.


Parth says:

First of all thanks A LOT Shashank for your tutorial I was able to jailbreak my iPod on my first try!
I just wanted to know whether or not I can delete (or move) the Custom Firmware file created on my desktop by Quick Freedom…

admin says:

Yes you can delete or move the custom firmware file.

teh says:

i had my untethered jailbroken ipod.. but now i just turned it off.i pressed the power button too long…then suddenly it won’t turn on..how to restore and get to it again without losing my music and its settings??? thanks!

Sanjay says:

I had already jailbroaken my iPod as per Shashank’s previous tutorial but that caused rebooting problem.
My tone of thanks to Shashank and QuickFreedom developement team for such nice tool which resolved that problem. I successfully pwned my iPod recently and enjoying the world of freedome πŸ˜›

IxI BoSs NoVa IxI says:

1 Question if i jailbreak my iTouch with this and with lots of games,music,vids, etc. on my iTouch will anything be deleted???

Cole says:

There is no Cydia!!!! 😯 πŸ˜₯

IxI BoSs NoVa IxI says:

So when it goes to the white screen or whatever and i plug it to itunes to recover the hackd firmware it wont delete anything…

reply ON Cole (From IMAD) says:



IxI BoSs NoVa IxI says:

OMFG this iz saddly pissing me off cause i really want to get this done and over wit cause my computer iz really shitty and this iz just prolonging the process… So can u just answer the question for me please…

admin says:


πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ

@BoSs NoVa

you will be installing the new custom firmware so everything on your ipod will be deleted.

to prevent your games, videos from deleting just sync your current iPod Touch to iTunes and do the jailbreak.

after jailbreak just assign it as a new iPod and sync back.

IxI BoSs NoVa IxI says:

Ok ok so are there any programs i can use to move my music from the iPod to my computer???

Lewis says:

Hi Shashank
I just bought a new computer with windows vista, i was just about to use this quickfreedom program when i came across sth on the internet, someone posted on someother site that the quickfreedom program might not crash your CPU right away, but it’ll crash it later on. Just want to know if its true cause i dont want mine crashing πŸ™

admin says:

@ Boss Nova

yes there are programs available for ipod to computer transfer but i’ve not used any, so can’t suggest.

I used the sync functionality to copy data to itunes and then sync back to ipod.

If your new computer has 32 Bit Windows Vista OS then you will be ok with Quickfreedom, if its 64 bit then avoid it.

GARY says:


Reply on GARY (FROM IMAD) says:

yep u well always have cydia and u will get installer if u check the install installer box. it doesnt matter if its itunes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 or even 9 / πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† :mrgreen:

IxI BoSs NoVa IxI says:

WOOT the Jailbreak worked without a problem thank to those who help me out and the creators of quickfreedom (ALL HALE THE CREATOR!!!)thanks guyz

Done says:

Ummmmmm WoW i would like to say thank you, you guys really helped me out. πŸ™‚

Eddyl says:

Is there a way to take off this jailbreak. How?

bachir_rune@yahoo.ca says:

i need help you know the the left corner of quick freedom it says that it isnt connected? ipod not connected but i do have connected to the comp??

what should i do please help!!!!!!

Nick says:

hey. did everythin i was supposed to, but when i went to restore the firmware in itunes it gave me an error, saying that it could not restore. tried it twice. my ipod touch is already jailbreak teathered. What .ipsw file do i load into quickfreedom, the jailbroken .ipsw one or the original.

NimC. says:

When I try to click create custom firmware, it pops up with a message saying “Error creating firmware!” what must I do to jailbreak my iPod from this point??

duhtee says:

Worked like a charm. Thanks a million. More power to all of you who make these hackz available.

Matt says:

I tried jailbreaking my iPod but now my laptops messed up. There’s no sound and no Internet connection. What’s wrong?!?!

This works fine through wine on Ubuntu Linux 8.04 and 8.10.

also works in wine on fedora 10. and open suse 10.

thanks for this…

voodooz says:

quick question, i previously jailbroke my touch 2g with a tethered version, however it wasnt your other program it was cyw00d jailbreak helper in a jailbreak_GUI folder. i would really like an untethered version so can i just plug in my ipod and dive in to ur step by step? or do i need to somehow restore my ipod to factory defaults, or what. pls help much a[ppreciated/

Tyler says:

i have a problem: when i try to create the custom firmware it freezes and says its not responding. what do i do? any suggestions?

Kumar says:

i did the same steps but i have windows xp and i think i ‘ve service pack 1, is there any way i can jailbreak it frm ma computer?

Jake says:

When i click create firmware i get an error any help???

WaTt says:

i click create firmware and nothing happend although i’m waiting for 2 hours.
can someone help me?

FizzyK says:

If i jailbreak using this method, will i lose my current apps and all their data, or any other data?

Some Dude says:

Amazing thank you so much for the untethered I followed you since the tethered version

Ham says:

Hi all
When do you conect or disconect ipod to computer during the process

Sam On says:

I work on XP SP2, following all the steps. Custom firmware was created on the desktop. After I completed step 4
There is a message from Itunes β€œ Itunes has detected an Ipod in recovery mode. You must restore this Ipod before it can be used with Itunes.
When I click on the OK button, another message appears as β€œThe Ipod software update server could not be contacted there is not enough memory available”

Could you tell me what happens with this???

Help me please!!

hande says:

thank you soo much everything works perfectly its amazing…:D

Andrew says:

U Should also mention for Vista users LibUSB must run in compatibility mode for XP or else it fries their USB Ports :D. oh and BTW quickfreedom must be run as administrator or else it wont work ! great post !

drew says:

it keeps saying error creating firmware what should i do

Sam On says:

Thank you very much for your helpful efforts to create these softwares. I have tried for a long time since Dec 08. Now i JB my ipod touch 2g succcessfully. :mrgreen: πŸ™ 😑 πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

It is amazing! Thanks

katie says:

ive done everything, my ipod is jailbroken.. yay.
but i dont get whats so awesome about it becauase when i
downloaded the free games of off appulo.us it says that
the games cannot be varified, and wont upload on my ipod..

bz says:

i always encounter error #14 when restoring the image, can somebody please help me. thanks.

michael says:

Thank you so much! The process was easy to follow and worked like a charm. I had a little trouble with restoring my Ipod, but after trying a couple more times I got it. Thnx again!

Nikki says:

it keeps saying error creating firm ware πŸ‘Ώ
help plz?

Fabrice says:

My jailbreak worked ,… some programs installed and some of them wrk but thing like winterboard and sbsettings dont, winterboard is on my springboard but when i mark a theme my itouch stays in normal theme. And Sbsettings can be opened via bosspreffs but when i slide the bar in top i my itouch no screen pops up plz help because these are the two apps why i wanted to jailbreak my ipod in first place
thanks in advance (running winXP and always gettin same problem , i already jailbreak mine with automatic redsnow jailbreaker twice and with the Cywood helper, now it is jailbreaked by quickfreedom)

david says:

Great, i just jail break it already. But why i cannot install applications or games directly via itune? I just download games from other sources, but i cannot install. Any comment or help???

alayna says:

Once I jailbreak my touch is there a way to restore it back to be unjailbroken?

Tyler says:

Every time i try to make the custom firmware it always says ERROR CREATING FIRMWARE….. What do i do??

shaahin says:

I have windows vista os32,step1 is ok but in step2 I try to make the custom firmware and I had a same problem like other user (error creating firmware!)
so what should i Do?
How can I install the applications in my ipod without use the username and password?

cdmancdfan says:

how do i fix
The iPod software update server could not be contacted. There is not enough memory available
Please Help πŸ™

david says:


My ipod touch cannot be turned on and not recognized by pc and itune even i try to hold power and home buttons for DFU mode.

It seems like dead one. How can u help me?

Nick says:

Hey come someone please tell my how to do this custom firmware thing… i keep getting error creating firmware and i have been trying to figure this out for 5 and a half hours…im fed up! someone PLEASE HELP ME!!! πŸ˜₯ πŸ™

Hurray for Shashank says:

wow this worked completely and perfectly!

ipod just the same as before jailbreak (except with tons more functionality)

definitely do THIS jailbreak =)

Kevin J says:

Anyone who is getting an “error creating firmware” message, download an older version of quickfreedom and use that instead. I kept getting that error on v1.2, but v1.1.1 worked perfectly.

Thanks for creating this awesome jailbreak!

Nick says:

Hey I previestly posted a question about why I keeps saying error creating firmware. I found out what the problem was. You have to right click on the quickfreedom icon on the desktop and go to properties, then go to compatability, then change it to windows xp pack 2 just like Lib USB. After that u will see on the bottom of the compatability section u will see something that says run as admin. U will also want to do this on the Lib USB compatitbility section so what u wanna do is tic the box before the question and is will work after that. Hope it helps.

jhacob says:

hello i was wondering i jailbroken my ipod w/ the tethered release how or can i jailbreak it again w/ the untetrhed release

omar says:

First of all let me just say, i am new to all this. The tutorial there work with no problem. Thank you very much for all this.
You are the man.

Charlie says:

i must ask when i installed firmware 2.2.1 after that i rebooted my computer and had the blue screen of death how can i stop this from happening again

MG says:

Really amazing! I have never jailbroken anything before but thanks to your article and QuickFreedom my ipod is! Thanks a lot.

micky says:

THKS for this tryed to do this for two days without luck found this tutorial tryed it and it worked first time thks again for this πŸ˜€

123 says:

t the bottom left where its mentioned ” iPod connected in normal/DFU mode”,,,, mine says β€œiPod not connected” wat happened n wat should i do? plz helppp

Blackkroxx says:

I’ve done all the steps.
I’ve done my iPod Touch in DFU mode and patched redsn0w but iTunes said,

β€œThe Ipod software update server could not be contacted there is not enough memory available”

I m stucked there.
How can I solve this?

ashleyrenee1127 says:

I’ve installed the software and everything right.
It worked like a charm(thanks!)

But when I go to restore my Ipod,it has an error message and will not restore with the jailbreak software.

I’ve tried it multiple times, but it just says for iTunes to work with it, it has to be restored to factory settings.

Then I do the shift and click on restore, and it has a progress bar and everything, but then it goes to the error message.

Any help?

ghd says:

I cant even start it up…i have it downloaded but every time i try to run it, it says “run time error 5003″…how can i fix that? Plz help.

Starilae says:

I came back just to say thank you to all the people that worked on such an amazing program, it saved the day, and prevented me from removing all the hair off my head….

Again, thank you guys, keep up the good work, and put a DONATE button somewhere, i would love to give a donation!

max says:

jailbreak works fine, now install all soft in cydia, but non of the apps works.
Any body can you help. i down graded from 3.0

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