Hand Gloves for your Touch Screen Phone

8 March 2009 By Ankit Duseja

EtryTouchyTouch Screen technology has really evolved the mobile phones and people are getting adapted to it. Winters are around the corner and innovative minds have already realized the problem created by the hand gloves while using a touch screen devices. Touch enabled devices do not respond well while wearing the hand gloves as they are unable to sense the motion completely. Thus they have created such gloves which won’t make you get them down in cold, just to use your phone.

Etre Touchy, a specially designed partly fingerless hand glove created by Simon exposes the tip of your thumb and index finger. These gloves work well but they will also expose tip of your fingers to the biting cold.

If you would not like to expose your fingers to cold but still want the purpose to be solved, have a look at DOTS. These are like any other normal woolen hand gloves but are fitted with “dots” at the fingertips. The dots are very smooth and round in shape so that they will not damage the touchscreen of you phone.

Though dots provide an effective way to cover your skin and still perform task on you phone, they wont be useful for holding a stylus or typing on phone’s keypad. In that case the Etre Touchy is helpful for both the purpose.

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Go Doodads says:

I need this as I’m using a touch screen phone and I have problem with my wet palms. Thanks!

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