LG Arena KM900 Touchscreen Mobile Officially Announced

10 February 2009 By Madhur


LG Arena Km 900 Phone

The LG KM900 Touchscreen mobile whose leaked information was all over the net last week is now official. The LG KM900 is going to be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and LG claims that the phone comes with some advanced features and interface that has never been seen before on any mobile phone.

The phone has a S class 3D interface which has been specifically designed for multimedia content viewing and browsing. Looking at the screenshot that has been released, the phone does have a 3D interface with a 3 inch WYGA touch screen and comprises of a cube that rotates with 4 customizable home screens. with 4 screens, users can have easy access to music, movies, pictures etc, think of it like Compiz Fusion for mobiles. LG claims that the interface is natural and easy to navigate. With rich 3D graphics, touch sensitivity and multimedia capabilities, it could well turn out to be a fully loaded multimedia phone. The phone will also support Dolby and Divx technologies, enhanced internet connectivity and compatibility to HSDPA 7.2 network. Other features include a 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, A-GPS etc. More surprise details about the phone will be released by LG in the coming days.

With all the hype surrounding the phone, it could well turn out to be a strong contender to other touchscreen phones in the market.

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