World’s Top 8 Best Torrent Websites Based on Alexa Rank

5 November 2008 By Shashank

When it comes to favorite file search online nothing can beat the power of torrents, there are lot of Torrent website/search engines available online most of them are just for the name sake, some are full of flesh at the home page and other disappears the next day you visit them because RIAA had came knocking their door. I already discussed about a great Torrent  Search Software a long time ago, now i am bringing you a list of Top 8 Torrent Websites that will help you in searching your favorite files easily, some torrent sites also offers legal torrents and more sites are expected to offer legal torrents as time passes. The Torrent website/search engine list is based on Alexa Rank, Alexa ranks websites  according to the traffic they receives.

Top 8 Torrent Websites/ Search Engine List based on Alexa Rank:

1)  MiniNova Torrent Website Alexa Rank : 83

Top most site of the torrent fraternity, more than 6 billion torrents are downloaded every single day on this site, during the  last few months it has even crossed the 10 million torrent downloads in a single day, almost half of the total torrent downloads are popular TV shows and other half is movies, games and music.

2)  ThePirateBay Torrent Website Alexa Rank : 123

PirateBay is one of the best torrent sites out there, now tracking more than 20 million peers which is around half of the total bittorrent users at any given time, this has been possible because they frequently add more servers and constantly does their software and hardware upgrades.

3)  IsoHunt Torrent Search Engine  Alexa Rank : 183

IsoHunt has past already passed the 1 petabyte indexed torrents mark, they continually update their index from more than 400 other torrent sites, and at the same time, spam/fakes and old, inactive torrents are automatically pruned.

4)  Torrentz Torrent Search  Engine Alexa Rank : 203

Torrentz is one of the most increasingly popular BitTorrent search engine, indexing top torrent sites such as Mininova and The Pirate Bay. The site has a strong community of more than a million users.

5)  TorrentReactor Torrent Website/ Search Engine Alexa Rank : 504

TorrentReactor gets around 7,50,00 unique visitors daily and is increasing day by day.

6) Demonoid Torrent Website Alexa Rank : 541

Demonoid  needs no introduction, the website is one of the post popular torrent website, it also went offline in Nov, 2007 for 6 months due to legal aspects but now its back online.

7 )  Btjunkie Torrent Website and Search Engine Alexa Rank : 684

8 ) TorrentPortal   Torrent Website and Search Engine Alexa Rank : 979

Disclaimer: Downloading copyrighted material from torrents is illegal, adhere to your country laws and do read the terms of use of website before using it. accepts no responsibility whatsoever.

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Movie torrent websites says:

Thanks for the great list 😎
you can also find movies, anime on these torrent websites

torrent lover says:

which is the best torrent website for movie torrent search and for latest games on torrent??

Chris says:

Wow! Whoever submitted this Hierarchy of public trackers is a F**king idiot ❗ Anyone heard of private trackers!?!?!? Like the websites you can’t find on google??? Besides, you cannot create a legitimate totem pole of trackers, because there are trackers that focus solely on one specific type of media (I.E. Bluray rips, music, or video games). Once you have established which media you’re focusing on, you may then begin to rate a tracker amongst others of the same class based on pre-times, content, speed (ect.). So far, my favorite tracker is Torrentleech. It smokes any of those other shit trackers listed, and I really can’t say I have ever downloading any more than 1mb/s on any of those trackers. I see as much as 14mb/s on the trackers I use, AND THEY AREN’T ON YOUR F**KING LIST ❗

nadz says:

My favorite website is, it’s fast and reliable, established since 2007 and still growing.

Barron says:

I am using great torrent indexer.

Keep up the great work !!

Mike says:

Nice list,however the problem with most of those websites and specially the search engines are lots of ads,pop-ups,fake torrents etc.. I was looking for a torrent search engine that would give me more acurate results with no ads and fake stuff and guess what,my friend found this website . Looks like it’s a search engine in a testing stage,but it works great.

GMT says: is a metasearch engine that searches popular BitTorrent search engines such as isoHunt, The Pirate Bay, btjunkie and KickAssTorrents.

best torrent website says:

hey guys my favorite torrent website is the

its really a nice website and famous too, do try it, it is really kickass.

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