Toshiba launching 16GB MicroSDHC Memory Card

27 November 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Toshiba Corp, a leading innovator in memory card technologies will be launching 16GB microSDHC card next month. The new card will be launching in December 2008 but the mass production will start from January 2009. Also the two old cards have been re-furbished to comply with Memory Card 2.0 standards thus raising the overall read/write speed of all the cards.


Refurbishing the old series, the 16GB & 32GB SD cards and the new microSDHC 16GB will now comply with the SD memory standard Ver. 2.00. The new cards will support ultra-fast read/write speed upto 20 MB per second, delivering high performance for continuous shooting of videos and high resolution images images. This will also cut down the time while browsing files on your phone.

Here is a table that shows the new models with their upcoming dates of their mass production and their classes:

Product Name Density SD Speed Class Start of mass production
microSDHC Memory Card
16GB Class 2 Jan, 2009
SDHC Memory Card
16GB Class 6 Apr, 2009
SDHC Memory Card
8GB Class 6 Dec, 2008

Also now microSDHC can be used in SDHC slot with an adapter. The changes were necessary to meet the industries ever-demanding latest gadgets that need more memory in less space and better data transaction speeds. However the 32GB SDHC line remains untouched and will continue with the old speeds.

Its good to watch the progress of technology, packing so much of data in half a inch is like wonder. Maybe, In next 10 years we may see some 100’s of gigs packing in such small cards. The future of memory storage is really very interesting.  🙂

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