Sony’s Playstation 2 Goes Open Source

30 October 2008 By Shashank

ps2 At the Casual Connect event in Kiev,Ukraine last week, Sony has announced that developers will no longer need to submit upcoming game titles for content approval, this move is expected to strengthen the PS2 offerings, as countries like India and Russia will be able to produce low cost PS2 game titles as there will be no PS2 licensing fees, the developers however still have to pay for the game development kit.


Sony PlayStation 2 has already been sold 131.3 million units to date, making it open source will definitely help the ageing console as more variety of games will be released across all genres specially the ones which aren’t allowed till now. Sony also stated that the developers will no longer need a publisher to distribute games on PlayStation Portable(PSP) and PlayStation 3 and it will be direct relationship between a developer and Sony.

via Ubergizmo [Gamedaily]

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