Revolutionary 3D Printing Technology Comes to Desktop: Alaris30 for SMBs

18 October 2008 By Shashank


Alaris Dektop 3D printer is new product from the house of Objet the company that specializes in 3D printing, this time they have released a 3D desktop printer which produces unprecedented detailed models along with cost efficiency and ease-of-use for Desktop 3-D Printing, aimed at the SMBs and other organizations that require high quality but cost effective 3D prototypes. Alaris30 uses Objet’s highly accurate PolyJet™ Photopolymer Jetting Technology which uses fullCure photopolymer materials in 28µ layers being deposited by the Jetting head sliding back and forth along the X-axis. Ultravoilet rays are then used to cure and harden the prototype which requires no further curing and can be used readily as a fully functional prototype.

3D printing-prototype

The 3D sample i received is the one shown in picture it has gears inside precisely fitted into a working model, i was amazed to see the sophisticated geometrical details, smoothness with which it was finished, i wonder that thing can come out from a desktop 3D printer, Objet has really done a nice job with Alaris30.

Alaris30 can take design inputs in the form of CAD(computer aided design) and can work on multiple models at the same time thus saving valuable time of the designers thus shortening the design cycles, decreasing costs and improving business viability.

Some features of the Alaris30:

  • Its a desktop solution small and light weight compared to other offerings
  • High productivity: 4 cartridges for 36 hours of unattended 3D printing
  • Exceptional high quality detailed models
  • Network enabled: Multiple designers can work at the same time
  • Ease of use: It comes with Objet Studio software which lets you turn any 3D CAD file into a 3D models easily in a few clicks
  • Fast and easy removal of finished products
  • Models prepared are ready to use and no further finishing is required
  • Uses VeroWhite FullCure830 material available in 1 kg cartridges

Alaris30 3D Printer Cost:

Alaris30 desktop 3D printer is available at a price of $40,000

Objet Alaris30 Official Website

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This is an awesome machine with nice materials. I have seen models at the euromold built with different, hard / soft, materials at the there connex500 machine. Although we use a full color 3d printer by ourselfs I would love to add this technology to our services.

sotopia concepts

PS you find samples of Objet materials at our blog: (dutch)

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