Nokia N85 Hands On – The ultimate phone

24 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja


It has been just a few days Nokia launched the next in Nseries the N85 featuring a 5 MP Camera, an inbuilt FM Transmitter. This tempting handset filled with great features and topped with trendy looks will surely make you stand out, giving girls around a great impression on you. The phone much looks like a mixture of N81 and the N95. Same as N95 its a dual slider phone with dedicated Music keys but the shape is moulded same as of the N81. The power of Nokia N series is truly found in this master piece.

The phone has got amazing capabilities featuring a hybrid of features of N95 & N96. The well known Carl Zeiss Optics bundled with a 5 MP Camera & 20X digital zoom. It can handle card up to 8GB memory which is sufficient. The thing which makes it different from N96 or N95 is its built-in FM Transmitter, you will never be out of music with it. Another thing it features which adds the intelligence are the accelerometer which give games an higher end, the frontal VGA camera, WLAN, Bluetooth and a Navi-Wheel.

The plus point over N96 is the OLED screen but is 0.2” smaller than that on N96. and the inbuilt FM transmitter. Well seriously if we talk about the ultimate phone of 2008, N85 will surely recall in every one’s mind. The handset will be launched soon in India and will be sold for 28,700 INR nearly. The price is comparatively low to N96 and if you feel 8GB cards can meet your memory requirements then surely N85 is the ultimate handset for you.

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As Indian government and some others too have been banning use FM transmitters in the country, its not still sure that will this sexy piece come with working FM Transmitter or not.

Catch complete specs of Nokia N85 on Nokia India.

Update 1: Nokia N85 has been launched in India and its price in India is Rs 27,299

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Rajesh says:

Hey seems like a nice mobile. I am surely gonna keep a look on this! Thanks for the info….. πŸ˜€

sindhoor says:

Terrible terrible phone. My troubles started the day I got this phone and just did not end. I had to replace with a new phone of a different model.

The phone reboots often, and rather spontaneously. Twice, the phone completely froze and there was nothing I could do other than give it in the care center and wait for them to fix it. After 3 months of getting it, it started rebooting so much that I could not send an SMS or make a single call. The phone would reboot every time I used it. Worst part is that mine is not an isolated case. I checked with friends who have the same phone and all of them complained. I also checked on their website and many other consumers are complaining of the same. My recommendation – DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. This one is too expensive to take a chance with

G says:

Thanks Sindhoor.. You just saved me… 😳

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