Toasters That Actually Burn Morning News

13 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

You might have seen various types of toasters having grills in different shapes, the jumping toasters, browning toasters, etc. But have ever seen a toaster that can burn any design on your bread slice as you like, or how about reading your morning newspaper at the breakfast table with your toasted bread slice in your hand rather than the traditional newspapers.


Electrolux has invented a (kind of) digital toaster, which sports capability to burn patterns, designs or even news on your morning bread slice. It can burn just any shape or size or text or even your picture on the bread.

The toaster connects to your PC via USB and downloads the latest news headlines. It can then burn it on to the bread slice.


The toaster consist of a network of toasting “modules” which are heated by a hot wire. Each module can move around by 30°. When the user selects what has to be burned on to the bread, these modules get in action. They align themselves in such a pattern to burn the selected image or text on to the bread slice.

This toaster was first demonstrated at a design competition held by Electrolux and the person who made this thing is Sung Bae Chang. The company has not yet announced any plans for its large scale production.

So if in future this thing gets in production, you will be able to actually digest the daily spicy news. Or it could fulfil your dream of eating anything like a building or a plane or a chicken (if you are a vegetarian) or even a girl. 😉

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huda says:

how to get Electrolux digital toaster ? can I but it on line or in a store?

George Youngman says:

How do I buy a digital toaster? GY

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