Adsense Update: Ads getting smarter, interactive and 3M

2 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja


There was a time when Internet ads were the textual one’s. Then came the era of flashing text with a blink HTML tags. It continued with Image ads like JPG’s then the GIF’s & PNG’s. There was also an era of Full-Page ads with “Skip” links which still exist and we cannot forget those annoying popup’s too. But then finally we entered into the age of Flash Ads. These ads are not only good looking and animated but they are also very interactive. The interactive flash ads were previously not preferred by Adsense but as the time moves on, Google too changed their thinking.

These interactive flashers not only involve the viewer to play with but they are actually attracting the viewers to the product about which the Advertisement is and the site where it is being placed. The interactivity of the ads actually make the viewers click the ads even they don’t want to. Simply hovering over these ads either let them animate with the cursor movements or simply expand over the whole page in which they are embedded.

Talking about the 3M, no its not the three monkeys but its “More Money Making” – after viewing these interactive ads, viewers not only click these ads but they are also letting the publisher earn more money. These ads are a little heavy to load as compared to the Image or Textual ad. Thus these ads have high CPM & CTR rates which directly increase the publisher earnings.

A few days ago, Amit Agarwal discovered a very interactive 3D Ad of HP at lifehacker. This advertisement was truly amazing and I too enjoyed playing with it. After having a chat with some professional Google Adsense users whose life depend on it, we came to know that in the previous month Google Adsense have been really performing well for them (and me too). The CPM and CTR rates have been boosted in the past month just without any changes.

Even not performing well at my sites in the past month, I still made more money than I use to make usually when I was regular. This sudden change for a short time period was felt by many Adsense Users. If you are a blogger or a web site owner and wish to share your experiences, please jot them down below in the comments.

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