Sony Ericsson GreenHeart

Sony Ericsson plans to make the world a much more greener place by coming out with its Eco Friendly phone. Currently, mobile phones are not bio degradable and contains substances which may harm the environment if not disposed off properly. Continue Reading →


Meizu M8

Ever since the launch of iPhone, several companies have released there own version of so called iPhone killer. But this Meizu M8 mini one can really give some tough competition to iPhone going by its looks and features. It was announced a long time back but now it is ready to come out sometimes around December. Continue Reading →


Google is planting a new Google Office (mini google-plex) in Washington DC. The office main aim is to promote Google Apps in Governmental Organizations nearby. The tall buildings that surround the Google’s new building are of big government contractors: Northrop Grumman, CACI, Raytheon and Accenture. Continue Reading →

YouTube has a got a new web-based Video uploader. The new uploader is capable of uploading 10 files at a time. Each file can be of up to 1GB in size. This update was seen to be necessary as YouTube’s competitors already have larger uploading limits.


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 As the official launch date of “Nokia Tube” is coming closer, things are gettingnokia-5800 even more exciting about the Nokia Tube aka Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone, the first S60 5th edition touch screen phone.

The launch date is scheduled for 2nd October in London as reported by Reuters but the phone is already up for preorder at US based online shopping site.

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sync-file There have been a lot of cases where we need to sync or copy files from one computer to another, or between your desktop and laptop, or between your web server and the pen drives. Doing them manually is possible but is quite time consuming and stone breaking difficult. Thus syncing software is required for performing these kind of jobs.

Simple example of its usage is – Suppose you have a smart phone or a digital camera. You have copied the pictures today but you have not deleted them from the phone. The next day you capture more pictures and again you have to copy the pictures to the computer. You may delete the complete folder which you copied yesterday and then copy all the images again from phone or camera. But what if the the folder which you deleted contains images that are no more in your device.

Merging the files from both sources will be a headache, here is where syncing software comes in role. It automatically merges & syncs the files between the two sources. The operation can be either be two way sync or one way. Continue Reading →


LG Xnote mini

The number of netbooks that are available in the market are increasing very fast. Almost every week, we can see some company releasing a small new netbook. But most of them have almost the same configuration and the same can be said of LG Xnote Mini, the new netbook from LG. Continue Reading → surely provides a good package which includes free apps that lets you take your apps with you, and provides the freedom of working at any computer. The collection of apps in standard suite of portable apps is nice but I was hungry for more apps that I use daily but the hard job was to find (or make) them portable.

So finally after two days of Googling and coding, my new Kingston pen drive is ready with the ultimate collection of Portable Apps ever. I have added more than a dozen of extra apps to PortableApps Suite and the result is what, you will be watching below.

So get ready to be tempted, and watch out the ultimate collection portable applications ever seen on a pen-drive.


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Nokia Tube

Nokia “Tube”, the first touch screen phone from Nokia is going to be unveiled soon. It is being speculated that Nokia will be unveiling the device in an event in London on October 2, 2008. Touch Screen phones have become a lot more popular since the launch of Apple iPhone or HTC Touch Diamond. A lot of companies like Samsung, LG have rolled out popular touch screen handsets. So Nokia is all set to enter the race and the “Tube” is being touted as a serious competitor to iPhone. Continue Reading →


HP Compaq

HP has introduced a new line of Compaq Laptops that are trendy and stylish and also offers improved performance and some great features. The new series is targeted towards youth which is very growing market segment today. The new laptops have features that will suite those who are looking for a laptop for work as well as entertainment. Continue Reading →

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