Nokia’s Coolest N96 Unveiled in India

19 August 2008 By Shashank

Nokia’s Coolest N96

Just before the availability of iPhone in India(on 22 Aug), Nokia has unveiled its magnificent product of convergence, the Nokia N96. The new mobile from Nokia is said to be a mix of Nokia N82 and Nokia N95 features. If you ask me then its an absolutely amazing perfect mobile with all the bells and whistles you ever want minus the touchscreen, yeah after the Apple’s revolutionary iPhone, touch screen seems to be a necessity for many as it makes life simple and touchscreen is also better ergonomically. Now lets move on to the current hotty the Nokia N96, i am impressed by its features, it sports a big 2.8 inch screen( same as E61i), FM radio, TV receiver, 3mm audio jack which doubles as TV out.

Here is the full feature list of Nokia N96 :

  • 2.8-inch TFT display
  • Hardware (Dual ARM 9 264 MHz CPU , 128MB RAM)
  • 5 MP auto-focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics
  • VGA camera for conferencing
  • MicroUSB v2.0
  • 16GB of internal memory
  • MicroSD card support upto extra 8GB so that you can extend upto 24GB
  • Inbuilt accelerometer
  • Connectivity( Wi-Fi, Bluetooth A2DP, 3G , HSDPA, EDGE class 32, GPRS/WAP)
  • 3.5mm earphone socket which can also be used as TV Out
  • DVB-H TV receiver
  • FM Radio
  • A-GPS with Nokia Maps 2.0 pre-loaded

Nokia N96 price in India :

The N96 mobile comes at a hefty price tag of RS 36,000 in India (not yet confirmed), it is said to come pre-installed with lots of bollywood freebies like Om Shanti Om movie, 50 video songs and tracks, three N-Gage games and maps with three month navigation license.

Availability of N96 in India:

N96 will be available across the country through Nokia priority dealers from September onwards. You can also pre-register your Nokia N96 handset by going here

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Quakeboy says:

How did they miss the GPS ??

Shashank says:

No they didn’t,it features A-GPS and comes with pre installed maps with 3 month navigation license.

Quakeboy says:

Thnx 4 da reply.. so isn’t this cooler than the IPhone.. Moreover games will be rocking in this too !! Only worry is the Sound quality.. I have never had satisfaction with sound quality in Nokia phones against SE and Motorokr phones…

I had a mail today morning.. from Vodafone telling the price of 8GB IPhone is aroung 31K too.. I don’t understand.. what makes 199$ convert to 31K which is almost 715 USD..

Do we have to pay soo much excise or taxes ?

Shashank says:

Yes its definitely cooler than the iphone..if i were given a choice between iphone and nokia N96 at the prevailing prices i will prefer the latter.

1)3G is not yet available in India
2) My cousin bought iphone from US via his friend at only Rs 17,200
3)iPhone appropriate price for India have to be around 21K bracket or it will fail miserably in India
4)Nokia 96 has just about everything that i’ve always wanted (though i am happy with my current E61i)
5) Instead of shelling 31K for 8 GB iphone i would be better getting the hot cakes of the moment, the cool netbooks.

and your 2nd question about the sound quality in Nokia phones , actually the inbuilt sound chips have come a long way with N series phones and if you are really serious about the music then i would recommend creative noise cancelling ep 630 earbuds( Rs 700), even the earphones bundled with iPhone aren’t good.

And your third question why it is so pricey?

I think Airtel and Vodafone wants to profit heavily. If you would ask them they will say that in actual Business US-India a dollar amounts to Rs 60-70.

john says:

I get N96 on my birthday by my brother in u.s.a at the price of 12,000.isn’t it strange! and it is the fact that it is the original piece of nokia with two years warranty.

john says:

@ shashank,

what is super bluetooth?


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