The Next Generation Social WebApp: Lively

9 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

So here is Google with their new amazing socializing app – Lively. Lively sports 3D social rooms inside a browser and walking around on a chess board, Google-plex, or on a island, etc really seems to be endless fun.


It took some seconds to download it & then it was ready and running up in browser with a browser restart. You select a rooms from the list in which you want to socialize. The rooms takes quite a time to load but then this wait gets takes you in a cool 3D world.

lively-2 You can roam around in “room” and you will meet other people roaming here and there from around the world. It just feels like you are in a new 3D world. Playing with things around you is just an amazing experience. You can customize your looks, also your avatar can perform different actions. Typing smiles like [:P] makes your avatar actually perform the similar emotions like cry, laugh, or become sad.

It also has the ability to chat with the persons roaming around you. Nice 3D chat interface floats your messages in sky. You can meet out new people, create your own rooms, shop for your avatars & more.

Here is the definitive Youtube video of what Google Lively is all about :

YouTube Preview Image

This social from Google is seriously going to be the future of online socializing. Try Lively here.

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Emma says:

Sounds like some competition for 2nd life. I just don’t understand why this would be better, besides the quicker download time, why Google is bothering with this sort of application? It will be interesting to watch/be involved with the development in this area.


Bush Mackel says:

I tend to agree with what Emma said. If it’s faster, that’s one big plus, but unless they’re trying to put in everything else that Second Life has, (economy, freedom to do whatever you please), I don’t know how much better it will be in the end.

Luke says:

sounds good.

arvind says:

sounds great …
i m waiting for such an experince …

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