Next Generation Flash Memory will Live up to 100 Years

23 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

flash-memory It is said that “Good things come in small packages”. And the Japanese scientists have proved it once again. They have invented a new technology for Flash Memory which lets the new Flash memories and SSD’s (Solid State Drive) survive up to 100 years and are much better than the current one’s. Also these are one-third the size of current chips thus getting more longer reliable storage in a small packed unit.

The current flash drives can be rewritten up to 10,000 times whereas these newer ones have the tendency to be rewritten up to 100 million times which can be said as unlimited. Now that makes these small chips really long living. To prolong their life Flash memory chips use a ‘wear-levelling’ process in which all cells are used equally, and worn out cells are ‘retired’ without disabling the whole chip.

Not only it has all these enhancements but also they use a very low voltage as compared to the current one’s. The existing memories eats up 20+ volts while these new chips will work at only 6 volts still offering all of the above features. Looks very promising but it will actually be much better when it is released in market.

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