Fabrik Launches World’s most Eco-Friendly External Drive

31 July 2008 By Madhur


Fabrik Eco-Friendly Drive

As time passes, most of the companies are focused on making there products energy efficient as well as Eco friendly. And going green can also serve for a better looking gadget as can be seen from Fabrik external drive. Fabrik is claiming the title of the World’s most Eco friendly external drive with the launch of SimpleTech [re]drive. The company also claims that it can cut energy usage by upto 90% over some competitors.

The external drive’s enclosure is made of bamboo which is known for its sustainability and recyclable aluminum. Bamboo is a favorite among some environmentalists, who say it makes for more sustainable wood because of how fast it grows. It also makes for a rather fetching drive, looking at the photos. The bamboo provides durability to the casing, while the aluminum not only adds protection, but also serves as a heat sink which cools the hard drive without the use of a fan, thereby saving energy in the process. Fabrik has also paid attention to recycled content in the packaging, and has slimmed down the packaging to just the bare essentials to create as little waste as possible.

It has a turbo USB 2.0 connectivity which promises 25% more performance than standard USB 2.0. The drive will work with both Windows and Mac computers and ships with automated backup software. The capacity of the drive is 500GB. It also has automated backup software that saves copies of stuff on the drive, and on encrypted, secure servers using Fabrik Ultimate Backup for online backup protection.

The backup software also lets users create a disaster recovery CD that can be used to boot the system in case of system failure. It is available online at a price of $159.99 for 500 GB capacity.

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