Ex-Googler’s Launches Another Search Engine – Cuil

28 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

cuil-logo Cuil (probably pronounced as cool) is a search engine which is built by some Ex-Googlers. Currently the main page on their site says that they have indexed 12161789299 web pages till now. It has started taking queries from public from today. Sounds Good but is it really? I don’t feel so.


Experts say that this 12 billion number is three times more than that of Google has indexed. Cuil not only displays relevant text in search results but also the picture retrieved from the page. But again the fault exist here also, the images are semi-randomly picked from the pages (though it also looks for the keywords attached with images) thus they may or may not be relevant to the search query. The text paragraphs are long enough with the search terms highlighted. Other thing is it arranges the search results in a two or three column manner as set by user.

When I tested it, it returned good results for the big known queries like Google, Techcrunch, Digg etc. but when we tested emerging sites it just did not showed a single result. (Now Cuil please don’t say that the smaller one’s I tested are the only one’s that are not in this 12161789299 number!)

The pagination is easy and looks are decent. But the thing which matters the most still need to be improved a lot, i.e. The Search Quality.The speed is not good as compared to Google. Pictures are fetched from their respective sites thus taking a lot of time to load.

If Cuil wants to beat the current search giant (Google) they surely have to improve a lot. They require much more computing power, bandwidth, and the most important – Improved technology and relevant search results.

World is taking about that will the Cuil be a big challenge for Google or its just the blown dust for some days. Share in comments what do you feel about the new search engine. Try out the queries of things that you know about and then leave your feedback below.


UPDATE: Cuil is down and facing a traffic overload problem on its very first day.


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Shashank says:

I don’t know if it can stand in competition to google probably not for a year or two but its founders are the prominent people who helped google in developing its indexing engine and they have also raised $33 million in Finances…and they are surely gonna to stay

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