Dell Launching Multi-Touch Upgrade for Latitude XT

15 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Dell’s Latitude XT featuring capacitive digitizer was launched sometime before. Its multi-touch capability was not ready to be thrown that time thus Dell started shipping it without multi-touch. Dell then leaked a video which showed us multi-touch functionality of Latitude XT. Check out the video below:

The guys in video showed multi-touch feature running on some common programs like Microsoft Outlook, Firefox, Windows Photo Gallery, Google Earth etc. in Windows Vista. Well doing all this on a tablet sounds like having your own Microsoft Surface. They told the update will be soon available across Dell’s support site but when that “soon” will come no body knows.

Or maybe its today. GottaBeMobile reports that Dell will launching the update (or better we call it upgrade) on 15th July i.e. today.

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Shashank says:

This multi touch laptop sounds cool …any idea about the price ?

hashchorgotut says:

You have price options that range from the bargain to the outrageous and everything in between. Most mobile phone manufacturers today include this type of ringtone on their newest handsets.

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