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18 July 2008 By Shashank

A wide variety of laptops are available in the market today and daily we see some new laptops having some new irresistible features entering the market. Its get difficult for the normal consumer to keep up with the new releases and make decision, here comes to rescue with its unbiased laptop reviews, its a must visit website for anyone looking forward for purchasing a laptop, it is having details of almost all the currently available laptops with their full reviews, pros and cons, which laptop might be suitable for your needs and more. Check out their latest laptop reviews and decide yourself.


They have reviews available for Dell, Toshiba, Hp, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo etc. They also update their website with latest laptop news and reviews done by their experienced staff of computer experts.

In their words :

Laptopical consists of a team of editors with a genuine interest in the things we write about. We try to keep our readers up to date with current news, upcoming laptops, new technology, and exciting gadgets that could affect your mobile computing life.

In their reviews they first give out the technical specifications about the kind of processor, memory, HDD, OS, screen size, battery longevity, pricing of the laptop under question and then is using followed by the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and after that a well organized review is made by their team. has been featured on the top websites on the internet like USAToday, Coolsiteoftheday, eschoolnews and many others.

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