Widget Engine Zembly Launched

8 June 2008 By Madhur


The development of Web applications for social sites such as Facebook, Orkut etc are becoming very popular. But normal users don’t have enough knowledge and time to actually make one. This is where Zembly comes in. Zembly is a host and creation engine of social applications that will facilitate in the development of apps for use in a number of devices and platforms such as Facebook, Meebo, Youtube, iPhone or gadgets that may be embedded.

Zembly is funded by Sun Microsystems. It has been launched as a private beta, and allows the users the option to create and modify code. It is helpful for the new user as it allows them to piece together new items from previous components rather than building from the scratch. Its main role is

The whole point of zembly is to reuse and combine not just what other people at Zembly create, but to rely on the APIs and data from anywhere on the Web

Currently it is available by invitation only. So it is time to think and develop something creative using this wonderful application.

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