WWDC 2008: The game begins

9 June 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Its just few minutes left for the WWDC 2008 to start & Apple to release something special today. A lot of things are happening all over the web including fake iPhone2 images, downtime of Apple Store, rumors etc. Apple WorldWide Developer Conference is starting at 10 AM PDT.


Visit the store now and you will notice the above picture yelling "We’ll be back soon. We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly." Crunchgear is busy gathering comments from users about what apple will be getting today in Store while Michael, Matt & Mark from Techcrunch are preparing themselves for live blogging of the WWDC 2008 event. Also you can catch the live updates here from Cnet.

I will be also updating this post to keep you up to date with happenings around the web. I will also post a complete review post about iPhone 2 (if it comes) 😉

UPDATE 1: People have gathered & some are taking there seats. Here is a snap from Techcrunch:

UPDATE 2: Its just a few seconds away! Suspense is at its peak! Ok can you guess the name? iPhone 2.0 or iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G?

UPDATE 3: Lights dim down. Steve is here!

UPDATE 4: Steve Demonstrating iPhone 2.0 software in three parts:

  • Enterprise
  • SDK
  • New Features

UPDATE 5: Scott demonstrated building of an application in just three minutes.

UPDATE 6: Application demonstration begins. Demonstrating a game. These graphics are really stunning!

UPDATE 7: Next comes eBay! Demonstrating bidding, buying, etc.


UPDATE 8: Some more games from old mac game developer:


UPDATE 9: Playing a multi-touch Piano! Ummm things are getting bored up now!

UPDATE 10: Finally Maps Application comes up to wake the audience. 😉

UPDATE 11: Steve is back & demonstrating some good features. Pictures says it all!

UPDATE 12: A whole bunch of new languages for iPhone!

UPDATE 13: Developers will be allowed 70% share of the price of the app, but if they want to let it go free then we will never act as obstacle. No charges for free apps from apple too. That’s really good!

What else you can wirelessly download & install apps too! WOW!

UPDATE 14: Introducing me.com

Its all about storing & syncing your pictures, calendars, mails, contacts, etc.!

Available at a price of $99 per year!


There comes the thriller iPhone 3G!

The first looks!

The iPhone 3G features round start!


Kicking the price down to $199 of 8 GB & $299 for 16GB!

The magic comes to an end with an ad!


Image Source: Techcrunch & Engadget.

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