iPhone to get VLC Player soon

7 June 2008 By Madhur

iPhone VLC player

iPhone may soon get its very own VLC player that will be able to play different types of files. Currently, videos are converted and transferred to iPhone using iTunes. The new player will provide an alternative method using which you won’t have to use iTunes every time to convert and transfer the videos.

Zodttd has successfully ported the VLC player for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Currently it is in testing stage and support for only a few type of decoders are there such as Mpeg/Mpg, Avi and MP3. But in due course of time, developers will add support for a wide variety of formats.

The application will be available in the future and hopefully, it will also have support for other type of decoders such as VCD, Divx, Wmv, Wma, Ogg etc. VLC player is one most popular multi-format video and audio player. It will sure be a hit with the iPhone community.

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