Increase Speed Dials in Opera 9.5

15 June 2008 By Ankit Duseja


While the recently released Opera 9.5 had gained a lot of popularity, hacks start appearing on net. One of the cool feature of Opera 9.5 is Speed Dials. By default its value is set to 9 (3 columns & 3 rows). You can increase this number by following the below trick.

  • Set atleast one speed dial before following further steps.
  • Type about:opera in address bar.
  • Locate ‘Preferences folder’
  • Close the Opera (very important).
  • Now go to that (Preference) folder & open speeddial.ini
  • Add the below lines to the top:


  • Save & close speeddial.ini
  • Done! Open Opera 9.5 & enjoy!

Note: You can adjust the number of rows & columns to fit your screen size.

Source: CybernetNews.

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