Nokia Mobile App Shoot-to-Translate: Translation From Clicked Image Text

7 April 2008 By Shashank

Last week Nokia showcased quite innovative cameraphone translator mobile application named Shoot-to-Translate which can translate Chinese to English from a photo taken with the mobile phone. The application if released will be much useful for frequent travellers as they will be able to translate languages on the fly just by taking pictures.

The released text reads: “Shoot to Translate: a demonstration using software that translates written characters into another language; the original text is captured with the camera on the Nokia multimedia computer and translation happens in real time.”

Not much details have been revealed just yet about language support and its release date.

via OhGizmo

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this phone is pretty SICK!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

soham says:

Its not that but in your point of view u are right.

Nokia is well behind the times and now tryin a marketing blitz to promote their application.
RantNetwork is the leading global provider of mobile translation application. Users can translate 5 different ways with their mobile handsets. The COMMUNILATOR provides an over the air internet based service for: translatable text,Image,SMS,email and newly released Text2Voice! RantNetwork provides over 20 language pairs. The COMMUNILATOR will soon become an industry standard!

Jeff says:


Seems that there are plenty of choices in this domain. I am using Trippo and it’s amazingly accurate. You can download it for example from Works with almost any phone and includes text2voice feature. I think they are the most advanced in the world at the moment!


Mo says:

The best free option for the translation of the text contained in an image taken with a mobile phone camera is Enjoy it!

fared ahemad says:

i want Mobil catalog


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