Yahoo! onePlace Brings Social Bookmarking to Mobiles

5 March 2008 By Shashank

Yahoo has unveiled its latest free apps for mobiles it includes onePlace a social bookmarking solution for mobile internet. With onePlace it will be easy to link any type of content like news feeds, websites, images, videos etc into Yahoo! onePlace from anywhere across the internet.

The other mobile applications includes:

Yahoo! oneConnect :

With oneConnect you can use all your favorite communications tools and services to connect with anyone, at anytime. From text or IM, email or social networks; Yahoo! oneConnect is a mobile app. to integrate all the ways you communicate into a unique, mobile experience. Imagine having all your contact information at your fingertips; email, phone numbers, text, and IM addresses; in one location—your phone.

Yahoo! oneSearch:

Bringing productivity to mobiles: oneSearch gives you the best of the Internet and the Mobile Web—delivering rich content in the way that works best for you. From Yahoo! properties such as Finance, Flickr™ and Answers, to Wikipedia and the latest news headlines, you’ll get relevant information that is current and easy-to-navigate. With oneSearch mobile application, anything you would search for at your desktop, you can now ask for from your phone.

In Yahoo’s words: “Yahoo! onePlace a revolutionary mobile content management solution. An innovative intelligence-driven system will organize anything put into it according to a users’ unique interests and passions, and present only the information they want, the way they want it. So now, the content they consume and the way they consume it will be hyper-customized to their own specific preferences and tastes”.

The new technology onePlace which will be used in social bookmarking for mobiles is expected to available in the second Q of 2008.

For all the iPhone users out there is separate iphone apps page for free download of iphone applications.

Yahoo! onePlace official page

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