WD Introduces My Passport Essential Portable USB Drives in India

14 March 2008 By Shashank

Western Digital has introduced its compact high capacity portable USB drives for the Indian market. The newly released USB HDD’s comes in a stylish glossy black finish with capacities ranging from 120 GB to 320 GB. The USB drives are bus powered which means they will use the internal USB for its power and doesn’t requires additional adapter. Weighing less than 5 ounces they will fit into your pocket smoothly and will be great companion for your data needs.

The drives comes equipped with sync software to synchronize the data with your personal computer and 128-bit encryption software to secure your data if your device gets misplaced.

Coming to the price point:

320 GB WD My Passport: Rs 9,500

250 GB WD My Passport: Rs 6,800

160 GB WD My Passport: Rs 4,700

120 GB WD My Passport: Rs 4,200

but guess what these drives are a bit high priced and i have a better solution if you are planning to purchase a portable hard drive. You can always buy a laptop hard drive with casing that will make a portable hard drive just like WD My Passport.

Few days back i enquired about the above setup at the local hardware vendor he gave me the following prices:

80 GB WD laptop Hard drive: Rs 2,500

160 GB WD laptop Hard drive: Rs 3,300

Portable Casing :

There are different types available starting from Rs 200 to Rs 500 and may be more, the Rs 250 one works fine.

Ofcourse you will not the get the encryption software with this setup but i don’t think that will bother you much and if you need a sync software just Google it.

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Nirmal says:

I liked the finish, looks like a diary 🙂

ANUPAM says:

Where can I buy 320GB WD drive in India. Any website wehere i can order online

Shashank says:

You can buy online from ebay,cafegadgets.com and there are lot of online shopping sites(search google) but i would say that first check out WD portable hard drives at the local hardware store.. you will save good money..buying online is costly, it also includes delivery times which may be upto 1-2 weeks

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