Want iPhone luxury-Diamond Studded iPhone for $176,400

20 March 2008 By Shashank

Luxury phones has its own class but unfortunately there are not too many luxurious phones available like this one, world famous Apple’s iPhone has got its luxury version named as iPhone Princess Plus designed by Peter Aloisson with brilliantly cut princess diamonds, these diamonds are 17.75 carats sorrounded by 18K white gold.


There are two version available, the one without gold cost you $66,150 and the other one at $176,400. The iPhone features are the same as in the normal iPhone.

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Nirmal says:

Too costly….. 🙁

Shashank says:

Yeah not for us 😛 not in near future.

They should create one for the normal user using Fake Jewels.

Shashank says:

Lol then we will be able to afford it for sure :mrgreen:

NewSunSEO says:

Depending on your location, that money could buy you a house. I don’t know why someone would buy that in their right state of mind.

Harshini says:

hw bout…..”ONE DAY”.. ne1 of us myt b able t buy it…. 😀

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