Sony VAIO Graphic Splash FZ Series Notebooks For Designer Geeks

1 March 2008 By Shashank

Looking for purchasing a laptop but don’t want to settle on the simple boring looks of notebooks available around then Sony has introduced its new range Expression Collection of notebooks which aim to provide stunning graphical designs on your notebooks and giving you power to fully customize your notebook according to your budget.

What is VAIO Graphic Splash?

VAIO Graphic Splash is a unique line of limited edition notebooks that break convention and let you express yourself in a whole new way. Using a process called dye-sublimation, stunning colors and eye-catching patterns are infused into a notebook’s exterior with brilliant results. And the possibilities are endless.

The Expression Collection

Express yourself. Take customization to new heights with this dazzling new addition to VAIO’s Graphic Splash family. Introducing The Expression Collection, a truly original offering with an exciting palette of vibrant colors and interesting patterns. Select the combination that fits you best, and take your pick among four keyboard fonts that add a subtle touch of elegance to a commonly-overlooked aspect of the computer.

Created by you.

Experience personalization, inside and out. When you choose a customizable VAIO Graphic Splash notebook, you decide what goes in the computer as well as what goes on it. Select the hard drive, processor and memory that’s right for you, and enclose it all in a bold and sophisticated shell.

You will be given the choice of customizing from three colour choices pink, blue and black, you can also select the fonts that appears on your laptop keyboard.

You can start customizing at SonyStyle

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