Microsoft StartKey: Use Windows Desktop and Live Settings Via USB Drive

6 March 2008 By Shashank

Microsoft is planning to release StartKey a USB based software solution which will let you take your Windows OS including software programs and Live settings in a portable flash drive and use it on any PC just like your personal computer. The functionality is not new its been available previously if you can remember the freeware MojoPac yeah just like that.

The software giant in partnership with SanDisk is all set to replace the U3 smart technology with an unspecified software. With StartKey you won’t have to worry about your personal data left behind on the computer once you have unplugged the drive.

Features of StartKey:

  • Complete integration with Windows-based PCs and Windows Live services
  • Carry your personal desktop with you.
  • Complete bootable installation for easy and transportable computing.
  • StartKey is not just limited to USB drives, there’s also a posibility to Startkey coming for SD cards and more.

More at ZDnet

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