Bio Electronic Eye Implant in development could restore partial sight

13 March 2008 By Shashank

MIT researchers are working on a new development which if goes successful can restore partial sight of people who have partially intact optic nerves. The Bio-electronic device which is of the size of pencil eraser would be implanted behind the retina at the back of the eyeball, and images would be transmitted to the brain via a connector of the width of a human hair.

As it stands, an FDA grant application is already in the works, and the scientists are hoping to have it implanted in an animal as early as this summer. Still, the solution only works for folks who “were once able to see and have partially intact optic nerve cells” those who were blind from birth or suffer from glaucoma are unfortunately ineligible for the procedure.

Via Engadget

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Nirmal says:

Well partial sight is misleading. 🙂 Will the person be able to see properly. Indeed great innovations.

Azzedine says:

Thanks for this vital info. in fact the scientist are on the right path on developping the electonic eye that could work by the light energy that enter to it. Human eye is very near from a video camera eye in its fonction as well as construction. It is the fit time for woorkshops in all cooncerned reserach centers about what I call “the century invention” . I hope that the spying machine of nano technology could be used in this work. the blind can see via the eye of another man , so he could see via the eye of his cat or dog too ,,,, on this path there is something also to developpe. 💡 gOD BLESS YOU AZZEDINE RESERACHER AND PHILOSOPHER

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