Addicted to P2P Imagine P4P Next-Gen Peer to Peer Technology

15 March 2008 By Shashank

Verizon is testing a new peer to peer technology protocol P4P (Proactive network provider participation for P2P) which aims to reduce the backbone traffic and lower network operation costs. In P2P you get connected to random peers to share your data whereas in P4P the peers are intelligently selected as the protocol utilizes network topology data to maximize the efficiency of routing between the peer to peer connections.

Verizon has already tested the P4P technology protocol with Pando and received performance boosts of 200 percent on average and increases of up to 600 percent in some cases. At an upcoming conference in New York, Verizon will present their test results, which show that when an ISP cooperates with file-sharing, they can speed downloads an average of 60 percent.

“This test signifies a turning point in the history of peer-to-peer technology and ISPs,” said Robert Levitan, chief executive of Pando Networks Inc. “It will definitely show ISPs that the problem is not peer-to-peer technology, the problem is how you deploy it. It is possible to deploy P2P to their advantage. The Internet is quickly transforming into a media distribution platform, and there are people who say: ‘It will break. It’s not built to move music and movies and games and software.’ New technologies are needed, and this is one of those technologies.”

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