Smartphones With Wireless Charging Technology Coming Soon

3 February 2008 By Shashank

Later this year you could witness the mobiles which can be charged wirelessly using the electromagnetic induction charging technology thus eliminating the wires to charge up the mobile device. Singapore based smartphone company MWG has reportedly announced its plans for wireless charging handsets. To charge the mobile phone you just have to place the mobile in the vicinity of the charging device for a period of time.

The wireless charging principle works on the electromagnetic induction phenomenon in which the charger device will create an electromagnetic field with alternating polarity using a coil of insulated copper wire, a similar coil will be placed inside the mobile device which will convert the E.M field back into electric current thereby charging the battery.

With the invent of wireless charging devices the crappy cables could soon be a thing of the past, well for now you can fancy the wireless chargeable mobile devices by the end of year 2008

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Derrick says:

Its not all its pumped up to be, no one explains you need a sleeve that fits your phone and the only thing I saw that has the sleeve for a Iphone nothing more, ops Blackberry also if you can not find a sleeve for your phone then this device is useless.

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