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14 February 2008 By Shashank is the latest legal torrent site opened this Feb with the aim to archive the hard to find movies,games,e-books,PC applications and Images with expired copyrights, They have a noble cause of preserving the rare files that would otherwise cease to exist. only stores legal torrents. All content is free from copyright and is legally available for distribution. offers users a way to save rare files and share them with others. Many classic movies and computer games have expired copyrights. Now, interested users can download these non-copyrighted items as legal torrents. is currently asking users to submit legal torrents for consideration on the site: “We enjoy archiving legal torrents for movie downloads with expired copyrights, and with the help of our users, we preserve rare files that would otherwise cease to exist. Do you legally possess the last copy, or one of the last copies of a digital file? Share it today, and save it from extinction.”

Go torrenting the legal way!!

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