Zalman FPS Gun FG 1000 Mouse For FPS Game Lovers

24 January 2008 By Shashank


This seems to be fantastic replacement for the ugly looking mouse you play your FPS games with. This ergonomically designed gaming mouse would provide you lots of cramp free fun and will be a perfect companion for those long FPS mission and multiplayers. The FG 1000 gaming mouse is custom configurable with five buttons and provides 2000 dpi resolution and a time response of 1ms.

Amazing design:

Its Gun type design is Optimized for FPS gaming, the GUN-styled mouse features trigger style buttons, which create a more immersive and virtual gaming environment.


Designed with gamers in mind, its unique ergonomics virtually eliminate extended gaming session fatigues.


Features OMRON buttons, which are guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5 million clicks, were chosen to provide ruggedness.


Comes with gold plated USB connectors and its TEFLON feet provide the quickest and smoothest surface interaction.

This brilliant piece of gaming hardware can be yours in just $79 not a big price considering its features and the jealousy looks it will give in your gamer friends faces.

Product page

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said zargue says:


Brown Baron says:

That looks interesting! It would probably take a little getting used to. Nice find buddy!

Shashank says:

Ya it will take some time getting used to.. it also has a detachable mouse…in case you are not playing FPS games..clever design i would say.

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