Sony Working On Playstation 4 With Backward Compatibility

18 January 2008 By Shashank


There’s word on the street about the Sony’s next generation game console Playstation 4 which could be in the works and if rumours are to be believed the Playstation 4 will be solving the backward compatibility issues with PS3 and PS2. The rumour waves started to appear on the internet after Sony Computer Entertainment Japan rolls out an advertisement for a software engineer to deal with backward compatibility for both the PS3 and an unspecified next-gen console …that could be Playstation 4.

According to the advertisement, the engineer will be required to implement and optimize emulation software for PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 games on both formats. All this is hinting towards a next generation PS4 console that could be in the works by Sony.

Why Sony is thinking about the backward compatibility, the fact that Sony’s PS3 isn’t backwardly compatible with the PS2 hasn’t gone down well with many gamers and the thought of this changing should make PS2 and PS3 owners very happy.

Well until it PS4 released or turned out to be rumour you can surely dream of the PS4- all in one entertainment hub with backward compatibility for PS3 and PS2.

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Dale Henderson says:

I am so happy to hear that PS4 is rumoured to be backwards compatible. I hope it is true.

I didn’t buy a PS3 solely because I couldn’t play PS1 or PS2 games on it, and wanted to still use PS2 games. If I can play PS1, PS2, PS3 AND PS4 games on this, I WILL save up to buy it.

Earl says:

That’s some good solid information, thanks for posting it!,lucy

Zach says:

i just wanted to try your wonderful seeming application.,lucy

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