CAPTCHA Security Broken- Delight For Spammers

31 January 2008 By Shashank

broken-captchaSo you always yell at that CAPTCHA you need to enter always to prove that you are not machine but an innocent human. Well as the image recognition technology is gathering recognition in the industry and companies like Google are filing patents for its image recognition technology its only a matter of time that the same technology would be used by hackers to defeat CAPTCHA. After the first CAPTCHA was invented at the Carnegie Mellon University it has been used by Yahoo,Google,Microsoft and multitudes of other websites for spam detection and thereby preventing spam.

Now a Russian security researcher John Wane has claimed that there are CAPTCHA recognition systems available which can breach CAPTCHA with success rate as much as 35 %, though its not much but for automated bots who will be attempting thousands of times they could easily mass spam.

“We are aware of attempts being made toward automated solutions for CAPTCHA images and continue to work on improvements as well as other defenses,” a Yahoo spokesperson said in an e-mailed statement.

Yahoo(first company to use CAPTCHA) and other companies have to speed up their research on their spam protection mechanism and don’t be surprised if spam emails increasingly filling your Inbox..because you now know why ?

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Richard says:

As i read in an early post about it, I’m not sure that the captcha is a good defence against bots.

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