Bionic Eye Gets Closer : Researchers Develop Eye Implantable Camera

26 January 2008 By Shashank


Researchers at University of California L.A have for the first time developed a implantable camera that would lead us to the possibilities of Bionic eye in near future. The tiny camera(Intraocular Camera for Retinal Prosthesis) developed by Michelle Hauer and her team is small enough to be implanted directly on the eye’s lens and feeds image data to a chip at the back of the eye which can be either used to aid the blind or can be used in the future robots .

The patent application for the research says :

Transmission of the signals from the intraocular camera to a microstimulator driver circuit may be accomplished either by a wired or wireless communication device. Power and control signals may be provided to the intraocular camera by a wired or wireless communication device, or optically by means of ambient illumination or an optical beam.

Via Engadget

Image credit: Wikipedia

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